Episode 92: The Mask (1994)

Welcome back for still more of “Drawn Apart, where we examine movies that attempt to address whether humans and animated characters can live together in peace and harmony, or at least make decent movies together.  Before we begin, we’d like to thank for not smmmmmmokin’!
Yes, I know, I’m deeply ashamed.  As you may gather, this week we’re focusing our Vulcan squinties on the 1994 Jim Carrey vehicle “The Mask,” a movie adapted from the graphic novel of the same name.  Sort of.  While technically there aren’t any discreetly animated characters in this movie, no fewer than  three characters turn into a kind of living cartoon during the story.  And let’s face it, Jim Carrey is the closest thing we’re going to get to an actual human/cartoon hybrid (at least with today’s puny science.  Just wait and see.  They called me mad at the Academy, you know. Maaaaaad! We’ll see who’s mad now! Ahahahahaha . . . dammit, where are my pills . . . ).  So pull up a Tex Avery wolf and join us for the p-a-r-t-why? Because we gotta!

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