Special Episode: Let’s Go To the Drive-In!

“Poogaloo, the Singing Pangolin” will not be heard tonight so we can bring you the following special presentation, brought to you commercial free and in living (auditory) color.  We’re interrupting our current time-travel series for this extra-ultra-mega-super-lifesize-retcin-free episode where Mike and I partake in a classic piece of Americana: the Drive-In Movie! What with living in this time of modern plague it’s still not safe to go to the movie theaters yet so what could be better than cramming the whole family into an SUV, smuggling in easily-spilled snacks and drinks, hooking a tinny-sounding speaker to your window and watching a massive outdoor screen be attacked by moths? Ah, memories! Well, Mike and I happened to be in the same place at the same time (a sadly rare occurrence) and we took the opportunity to see if this cherished cinematic format still exists (it does!) and what was like now, as neither of us had been to a drive-in in far longer than we care to admit.  So after we all go to the lobby, after we all go to the lobby, after we all go to the lobby . . . dammit, sorry, clamber into the car trunk so we can sneak you in with us [disclaimer: you don’t have to do that anymore; they charge by the car, not by the number of passengers].

Poll question: when was the last time (if ever) that you went to a Drive-In Theater and what did you see?

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Episode 100: Star Wars… All of it!

Great jumping midi-chlorians! We’ve made it all the way to episode 100 of Max, Mike; Movies! Who’d have believed it? Seems like only yesterday we were at episode 34.  They said we’d never make it; they said that we were mad! Mad, I tell you! They said we had to wear pants to the grocery store! Well, who’s wearing pants now, huh? Huh?

As this is an extra special, super-deluxe, chocolate-fudgy episode, we had to do something epic, something massive, something spanning decades, yet so simple and enjoyable that no one could ever, ever disagree about it or have conflicting opinions that would fill countless internet forums, web sites, or endless blogs.  You guessed it, we chose “Star Wars”! (I lobbied for “Twilight” but Mike wouldn’t stop crying and biting himself when I suggested it). But which of the eleven official Star Wars movies could we discuss? How could we choose just one? Well . . . we couldn’t! So, we’re doing ALL OF THEM! That’s right, we’re talking about Star Wars, episodes 1 through 9, as well as “Solo” and “Rogue One.” Man, we must be really good to fit a complete analysis of the entire Skywalker Saga into one hour! Uh . . . well, we’re not actually that good.  This is one of our longest podcasts ever.  I mean EVER.  Like, almost 3 hours long (hey, the movies got progressively longer as they went on, so we’re just honoring them. Yeah, that’s it). You’ll need plenty of roast Porg sandwiches and a big thermos of blue milk for this.  We’ll be trying to discuss as much about all the movies, in context, as we can.  Please note, we’re not going to try to cover the tv shows, animated series, novels, comic books, fanfics, neckties, tattoos, or stained-glass windows.  We’re only Bothans, after all, and many of us died to bring you this podcast.  Well, not really.  

Now, a podcast of this magnitude needs more than just additional time; Mike and I like us some Star Wars-ing, but we’re not experts on the subject, so we found one of the most knowledgeable, reasonable, and well-dressed Star Wars enthusiasts we know: our special guest, Dr. Tyler Hutchinson.  Dr. Hutchinson knows more about Star Wars than Calvin Coolidge put together, and he has very kindly agreed to lend his perspective, his knowledge of the Star Wars Universe, and his elegant vocal stylings to this episode.  Don’t get used to it; next week it’s back to the dull screechings of Max and Mike.  So, don’t go forming any Tyler fan clubs . . . unless we get a piece of the merchandising rights.

And for those of you who don’t want to deal with one huge, choking mass of our ponderous pontificating, Mike has neatly divided this podcast into three downloadable, easy to digest, bite-sized files that you can find here below, on our website.  So, stock up on kyber crystals, light up a death stick, and give a listen to find out if these are the droids you’re looking for!

Episode 100 – Part 1
Episode 100 – Part 2
Episode 100 – Part 3

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The Oscars, 2020

We interrupt our childhood reminisces for something more timely: our take on this year’s Academy Awards. Yes, we’re right on top of things here at Max, Mike; Movies.  It’s been a mere two weeks since the 92nd Night the Stars Salute Themselves and we figure things have calmed down enough to offer our own opinions on the Academy’s choices for Best Picture Nominees, as well as what we think of the winner, because goodness knows that what people really want is OUR take on these movies.  Because what do those industry professionals know? No, we know what people want: the ramblings of a couple of movie nerds! Mike and I have watched the Oscars every year for over thirty years, so that qualifies us to  . . . watch it again this year and talk about it! And that’s what we’ll do! Just try and stop us (please don’t try and stop us; it would probably be pretty easy to do so).  So yes, we’re talking about the show itself, the lack of a host (hey, we’re both available next year, Academy! Just sayin’ . . . ), the music, the pageantry, and . . .  what am I forgetting . . . oh, right! The movies! What did we think of the Big Nine? What did we think of the winner? Do we think it’s an honor just to be nominated? Will the orchestra play us off before we finish this episode? Find out!

Who The Hell Are You Guys?

Y’know, we’ve been doing this podcast for a while and it occurred to Mike that, hard to believe as it might be, there could be folks out there who might be wondering who we are and why anyone would want to listen to what we say. After I stopped my hysterical laughter at such an absurd notion, I realized that, like the top of his head, Mike has a point. Who are we? Why are our opinions so vitally important? It’s possible that people might actually be interested in a brief summary of what makes us tick and what makes us go “Huygleflamdoof!” (so many, many things make us do that).  So here, at the request of none, is a short, special episode where Mike and I discuss ourselves, our love of movies, and why independent film discussion might actually be something that matters.  Enjoy!

We Interrupt This Series To Bring You . . . Cats!

No, this podcast has not been hijacked, you read that title correctly.  And sadly no, this episode is not just an hour of Mike and I talking about how much we like the animal felis catus (although we do). Strap yourselves in tightly because we went and saw the new “Cats” movie. Yup, that one. “But Max,” you may cry “Why did you and Mike subject yourself to what some people are calling the worst movie of all time?” Well, I invite you to think about what you just said (or rather, what I imagine you just said).  This is us, dig? If someone says “there is no way anyone can sit through this movie,” our response is usually “Challenge accepted!” I’m not proud of this. No one should be.  But we kept hearing about how insanely terrible this adaptation of Dame Andrew Lloyd Weber’s long-running musical was and we felt we owed it to you, our beloved, well-groomed, beautifully dressed listeners.  This movie has a remarkable cast: Ian McKellen, Judy Dench, Idris Elba . . . and the rest! So how bad could it be? Seriously, is it REALLY that bad? We found out, so you don’t have to. So honor our sacrifice and have a listen. And I leave you with the lyrics of that most famous Cats song:
Meow meow meow meow,
Meow meow meow meow,
Meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow.
                                — “Meow Mix of the Night”

Episode 59: Trailers 2: The Return of the Revenge of the Electric Boogaloo in Space: A New Hope

Hello, trailer fans! You thought we forgot, didn’t you? DIDN’T YOU? Well, we didn’t, so who’s the caramel-covered aardvark now, hmm? Yes, before we start our next series we’ve got a little drain cleanser.  I mean, palate cleanser: the long-awaited follow-up to our Trailer Trash episode.  We talked about the trailers; well, now we’ve actually seen the movies! Us? See movies? Wow, we really live out there on the edge, don’t we? Well, tune in and see what we thought of the movies and how well the trailers managed our expectations.  And help yourself to some caramel-covered aardvark.  Mmmmm, tasty.

Episode 50: They Drove Us to Drink!

Wel . . . wel . . . welcome to fiftieth *hic* amplitude, no, wait, epishode, episode of Mix, Mork; Moogies.  No, no, wait, I got this: the fiftieth thingy of Maalox, Meringue; Smoothies. *hic*, shorry, shorry, hang on . . . Sheriously, I mean, seriously, this is our fiftieth episode! The big five-oh! And we’ve decided to do something special for all you loyal, sober listeners: we’re just taking this episode to talk about the worst movies we can remember seeing.  I mean the real stinkers, the ones that made us, or almost made us, walk out of the theater (remember theaters? People used to see movies in them, back in the Long Ago).  But of course there’s no way we could talk about these cinematic crapburgers in a rational state of mind, so Mike and I took the opportunity, as we were both in the same geographical location, to . . . um . . . fortify ourselves with a few small libations of . . . . ok, we got drunk, ok? We knocked back a few, I got more pompous, Mike somehow got stuck in an English accent.  Yes, these are movies that quite literally drove us to seek solace in sweet, sweet booze.  Pour one out for the fallen films and join us in our drunken ravings!

Episode 33: Trailers!

Yes, trailers.  Such a part of the American driving, and cinematic, experience.  These mighty hauling vehicles have been featured in such films as “The Long, Long Trailer” and “Trailer Park Boys,” where they have . . . hm? What’s that? Oh, MOVIE trailers! That’s what we’re talking about! Of course . . . that makes more sense, doesn’t it.  Ahem.  So this week is a special between-series episode where we examine the released previews for half a dozen of this season’s most anticipated blockbusters.  We’ve got movies about rock stars, movies about superheroes (a bunch of those), and more! We’ll discuss the trailers, see if they’ve inspired us to see their respective films, and down the road we’ll have a show where we’ve actually seen all of the movies shown in these previews and we’ll talk about if the trailers delivered, over-promised, or flat-out misled us.  Enjoy us, won’t you?