Episode 249 – Fifth Anniversary Show! Deadpool 2 (2018)

This week’s episode is indeed very special: it marks the fifth anniversary of my waking up with a throbbing head and a copy of a binding “We Are Doing A Podcast” stapled to my shirt that I had apparently signed as “Maxxx Overdrive.” Mike has assured me many times over the last five years that this is legally binding and sadly I don’t know of any kind of professional whose job it is to interpret contracts or the law. Someone should come up with something like that . . .

But of course, I have no regrets (well, not about this podcast . . . we won’t talk about my unfortunate tattoo) and neither does Mike, during his few lucid moments. Yes, we started this journey on July 5th, 2018 and Mike tells me that was five years ago and I must believe him because math is hard (both at the beach and other locations). We had all sorts of genuinely terrifying ideas for this week’s show but we decided to spare you all the Lovecraftian horror we had dreamed up and instead decided to modify a suggestion from one of our particularly well-manicured listeners, Dan Schaeffer, and discuss the fifth highest-grossing movie of 2018, our inception year (minus the weird spinning top thingy). And what cinematic classic hit the number five spot that year? Why it was “Deadpool 2,” the highly successful sequel to the first R-rated superhero movie “Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS.” No, wait, it was “Deadpool,” wasn’t it. Yes. That makes more sense. So join us for this romp, five years in the making! And join us for the next five years! And the five years after that! You will never escape us! We are bonded to your soul! Do not fear us! Be one with Max, Mike; Movies. Ia! Ia! MaxMikeMovies fthagn! See, Mike? I told you I’d work in some Lovecraftian horror, but you called me mad! Mad! So who’s mad now??!

Dang. It’s me, isn’t it. Well, this is awkward . . . Oh well, give a listen anyway.

Poll question: what is your favorite film franchise?

13 thoughts on “Episode 249 – Fifth Anniversary Show! Deadpool 2 (2018)”

  1. So many franchises disappoint over time or are just really inconsistent, especially the big ones like Star Wars, Star Trek, Indiana jones etc. There there are some that excel – like Ilsa she wolf of the S.S., Ilsa harem keeper of the oil sheiks, Ilsa the wicked warden and ilsa the tigress of Siberia . Can safely say the quality of those films is… consistent. I seriously love the Ray Harryhaussen Sinbad series, which I guess could include Jason and the argonauts. They ignited my imagination as a kid and still do. I also love the Flash Gordon serials with Buster Crabbe.

    1. Dang it, we are NOT doing an “Ilsa” series on the show! I don’t care how much Mike begs for it.
      Honestly, I had no idea there was more than one of those movies, but then I’ve never seen the first one, so that’s my loss.
      I remember being so excited when a new Harryhausen “Sinbad” movie would come out…
      Thanks, Vince Penguinsbane!

      1. I just wan to hear him read all those titles on the show! I have only seen two ilsa movies, that is enough!

  2. Thankfully, Lord of the Rings counts as a franchise, so that’s my vote locked up! Or it was, until Vince told me of the many adventures of Ilsa… At any rate, here to five years!! And, in a strange stroke of coincidence, pictures of Deadpool 3 released today, including Huge Yak-Man as old school Wolverine. Wolverines!!

    1. I’ll be interested to see how Pool Boy fares under the watchful of of the Mouse. That said, seeing him and Jack-man together sounds worth the price of admission right there! And thanks for the good wishes!

  3. Dear sweet flipping pharaohs, I thought you made up Ilsa as a joke. I hope you’re happy, Mike, because I’m not.

    1. I would like to state the Mike discovered Ilsa without my aid… I am not to blame!

    2. Ned, I would apologize here but I DID warn you! I hope you only read a caption or two, MAYBE saw a still and did not actually try and watch a second’s worth of Ilsa. If so, well…try some cheese. 😀

  4. Honestly, Vince, I think I only have myself to blame for looking when I knew I shouldn’t have. But you’re absolutely right that The Mike is the real culprit here. You–and your slowly-decaying sled-penguins–are just another victim.

    1. The penguins are just food for my mighty walrus, I take the weaker one to work. I don’t know why, but in the max Mike movie’s universe, I assume I am meany. 🤔

      1. We don’t see you as a meany, Vince! It’s just that here in the MMMU we recognize that you are a hard-bitten lone warrior, forced to make the darkest choices simply to survive the frozen, post-apocalyptic wasteland that is Canada.
        [No, I haven’t spent much time in Canada recently but I was in Vancouver once and a guy in a bar there assured me that’s what the rest of Canada is like. Of course, I believed him. Everyone knows Canadians are like Vulcans and can’t lie!]

        1. Well that is all true, you were not misinformed about about our frigid unforgiving country of ice, penguins, walruses and poutine. You are not not the only American who has had little information on Canada. When I moved here permanently, friends visiting actually asked if we had internet, cable and credit cards! We have a friggin space program for the great walrus god’s sake!

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