Episode 248 – Scared Stiff (1953)

There have been many great, even legendary pairings in history: Gilbert and Sullivan. Lunt and Fontaine. Pork and beans. And of course, Martin and Lewis. Yes, before Dino was swinging with the Rat Pack or fighting bad guys as Matt Helm, before Jerry knew what a telethon was or that the French thought he was a genius, these two were a box office powerhouse team, churning out a thunderous number of movies over eight years and raking in loads of cash. And yet, neither Mike nor I have ever experienced the apparent magic that these two generated, so it only makes sense for this, the final episode of “You Haven’t Seen THAT?! Part 2,” we choose both a movie and a movie team that neither of us have seen before. Is Dean Martin correct when he tells us that everybody loves somebody sometime? Can we grasp the enigmatic brilliance behind such Lewisian Zen koans as “la la la, nice lady”? Join us, give a listen, and see if Mike and I think these two still deserve their place in the cinematic pantheon. Freunleven, everyone. Freunleven.

Poll question: who is your favorite comedy team, duo or more?

5 thoughts on “Episode 248 – Scared Stiff (1953)”

  1. Burns and Allen’s always crack me up and I love the team of French and Saunders. I really loved the Marx brothers but rewatched some of their film recently and while still well paced and funny but much more problematic than I remembered. While I love the Herzog kinski Nosferatu, I was referring to the silent Murnau version last week and I also love shadow of the vampire which was the film Mike remembered. It’s summer so off to put ice on the zombie penguins!

    1. Sorry I got the film wrong! Thanks for the correction! In what way are the Marx Brothers problematic? Racist? Thanks in advance, tamer of the wild walrus!

      1. There were quite a few racist phrases used, not unusual for the time but it went over my head when I was younger and when I was rewatching them it suddenly hit me. I had never heard the term “darkie” for example and it just really bothered me. I might have overreacted but that stuff gets to me.

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