Episode 247 – The Thing (1982)

Here we are at the penultimate entry in our “You Haven’t Seen THAT?! Part 2” series and I’m really excited about this week’s entry. I had no idea there was a forty-year-old film about my favorite member of Marvel’s Fantastic Four, the ever-lovin’, blue-eyed . . . hah? Really? So, what’s this movie actually about? Oh. Oh geez. This is a SCARY movie? Mike, you didn’t say anything us watching a scary movie! Why are you smiling in that weird way? No, I don’t want to take a “nice nap” next to that big seed pod. I didn’t miss any field trip, what are you talking about?! Why do you have that big book “To Serve Max”? I mean, that sounds nice but . . . oh no . . . so many tentacles . . . um, so, dear listeners, join us for this John Carpenter classic and by the way, just as a small point of interest HELP! HELP! HEL . . . . [disturbing squelching noises]

Poll question: what is your favorite horror film and why?

2 thoughts on “Episode 247 – The Thing (1982)”

  1. John Carpenter’s The Thing is up there as one of my favourite (at least modern) horror movies. My nephew and his friends watched it recently and it scared the crap out of them with that autopsy/spider head scene, they had no idea the film was 40 years old. I do think I like Alien better, it really pulls you in and the “and then there were none” aspect of it along with the truly terrifying creature designs are still very effective. An all time fave is Murau’s Nosferatu with is expressionist/gothic vibe and iconic scenes. That might not be “terrifying” anymore but it still amazes and creeps you out! I am not a fan of slasher or torture horror it just repulses me.

    1. Glad to know the movie held up! It’s always hard for us to make that call. Thanks as always, penguin-wrangler!

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