Episode 246 – The Big Chill (1983)

I’m sure you’ve all been able to tell that this series “You Haven’t Seen THAT?! Part 2” has clearly taken its toll on Mike. He’s just so stressed out by these movies, and I think we all know that he needs to just chill. You know, take a really big chill pill and just chill out bigly, yes he needs a Big . . . ok, yeah, this isn’t working, it feels really forced, sorry! Sometimes this just happens. Not often, I swear! And it doesn’t make me less of a man! Anyway, this week we’re looking at “The Big Chill”. Not just looking, either! We’re listening with our ears! Because there’s lots of dialogue and a really cool soundtrack to listen to! And Mike has never looked at or listened to this film before, so there’s that. So, work on your favorite rationalization, turn off that rerun of “J.T. Lancer” and join us!

Poll question: What movie do you think is a defining movie for your generation? What movie just says “yup, that’s my generation’s movie.”

2 thoughts on “Episode 246 – The Big Chill (1983)”

  1. I never could relate to this movie and there is a sort Quebec film I thought was influenced strongly by it called “Le decline d’empire americain” which I also didn’t like, though there was a sequel to that one I thought was great.

    I wasn’t paying enough attention to know what would represent my generation. In fact I haven’t the slightest idea what my generation is! The closest film I can think of that represented many people around me would have to be “ the rocky horror picture show “ though less the film itself and more the scene in theatre watching it.

    1. We have something in common; we both ignored this movie! Til now, anyway. Don’t know the French movie you mention here but, sure. Why not? C’est La Guerre…or however that goes.

      Rocky being the movie of our generation? You know, it actually does kind of work. People that aren’t just straight being able to be themselves. It actually does have a lot going for it, both in the experience and what it inspired. Thanks, Vince!

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