Episode 245 – The Goonies (1985)

It’s my turn to confess my ignorance in this week’s episode of “You Haven’t Seen THAT?! Part 2”: I have never seen the beloved classic of youth “The Goonies.” Nope. Just never got around to it. And now that I’ve seen it . . . much like “American Pie,” I’m a bit disappointed as to the subject matter. I thought I was in for a rollicking good time following the misadventures of a group of Laysan albatrosses (look it up if you can’t guess) or maybe a charming interpretation of a song from my childhood, “Little Bunny Froufrou” (who does, in fact, become a Goon at the end of the song, sorry for the spoiler). But alas, no! I get a bunch of incredibly annoying pre-adolescent boys (in other words, pre-adolescent boys. Hey, Mike and I were those things; we know whereof we speak), some of whom grew up to be adorable Hobbits named Sam or galactic tyrants named Thanos or, tragically, Corey Feldman. The folks behind the camera are worth noting as well, so join us while we note them! And other things! So much noting, you won’t believe it! Goonies never say . . . line?

Poll question: what is a movie you loved as a child that you just can’t watch it as an adult?

2 thoughts on “Episode 245 – The Goonies (1985)”

  1. Never liked goonies but I was an adult when it came out. There were 1970s animated Tin Tin and Asterix films that I thought were fine as a kid but seeing them now, they play every Christmas all holiday season long here in Quebec, I just can’t stomach how sexist and really racist they are. I wasn’t the right age for E.T. When it came out up but I thought it was a masterpiece until I rewatched it a couple years ago and just couldn’t stand it. It was just way to over the top manipulative for me. I wouldn’t even recommend it to my moose or enslaved penguins these days!

    1. I think we were all just ‘too old’ for “The Goonies.” I still maintain that it was somewhat sloppily made but there you go. Didn’t know that Asterix was sexist and racist. We sold tons of them at the Picnic! Haven’t seen “ET” in forever but I bet you’re right and that it wouldn’t hold up. As for the moose and penguins, only take them to QUALITY entertainment! Thanks, Vince!

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