Episode 244 – American Graffiti (1973)

Ah, George Lucas. He’s certainly given us a lot. Memories. Iconic images. Deep, bleeding psychic wounds. He’s directed and written some of the most influential movies of our time. He gave us the original “Star Wars.” He introduced us to Indiana Jones. He showed us the dystopia of “THX-1138.” And he scarred us indelibly by bringing us “Howard the Duck” (yes, he was only the executive producer there, but that’s enough for me to blame him). And through it all, our own Mike has been there with him, seeing every movie the man has directed . . . or HAS he? No! Because due to our series “You Haven’t Seen THAT?! Part 2” and my matchless investigative skills, it has been determined that Mike has never seen that George Lucas early classic, 1973’s “American Graffiti,” Lucas’ second feature film. [I will try to recreate the brilliant deductive methods by which I determined this phenomenon as follows. Me: “Hey, Mike, you ever see ‘American Graffiti’?” Mike: “No.” Me: “AHA!” For those of you who had trouble following all that, I will be publishing a 473-page report on it, downloadable for modest fee, payable in BumpyBux]

Anyway, we’re here in the ‘20’s, talking about a film from the 70’s that is deeply nostalgic for the 50’s. I’m still concerned this will cause some sort of temporal rift; to find out, give a listen and here us chatter about Opie Cunningham, Wolfman Jack, Shirley, and Richard Dreyfuss, all in the same movie! Solid, Jackson!

Poll question: what’s your favorite concert movie, music or comedy?

5 thoughts on “Episode 244 – American Graffiti (1973)”

  1. I really love the film. “Urge a music war” which is tons of bands from the early 80s, mostly obscure except for maybe the go gos and the police but also feature Klaus Nomi who stole the movie for me. It’s an uneven movie and the groups are totally random but it’s the only footage of some bands I was into at the time.

      1. I saw it second run in the cinema. I liked it fine, didn’t really relate to any of it but the idea of a slice of life with no real plot I found appealing. I thought it was well filmed as well, but as I am not a fan of music from that period as a rule or cars, I was more than happy to see the cast in sci film later! I get your love of Ilsa She Wolf of the SS. The dwarf/hunchback scene always brings a tear to my eye… and a WTF to my mouth. Cindy Williams was in the “the first nudie musical”! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_First_Nudie_Musical

        1. Wow. I have NEVER heard of this and am not sure I want to! The fact that it has the word ‘nudie’ in the title automatically makes it sound like one of those ‘naughty’ shows of the past century. Things that are sleazy but honestly not that explicit as you’d think. Ilsa was…an experience. At the Somerville theater. I really don’t remember much, but I have this scar…

          1. Cindy Williams was much more interesting than I thought because of here Laverne and Shirley days! We used to call one of the clerks Ilsa at the video store… until she saw the film and was SO MAD! There were a series of Ilsa movies but I can’t say I recommend them!
            Not even my penguin henchmen will watch them!

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