Episode 243 – The Neverending Story (1984)

Hear, o noble-formerly-known-as-Prince, of the tale of Flingdor and his travels through the dark lands of Genectigazoink with his noble companion Skinamarinkadinkydink and his magic plorfdamper as they seek the mystic Dingus-Thingy that only the Choosened One can find to defeat the evil Blorfhamper and his dread army of tap-dancing Death Clams!

Ok, yes, the 80’s brought us more than a few . . . questionable fantasy movies (I’m looking at you, “Deathstalker” series) but it also brought some surprisingly enduring ones, including one that Mike has chosen for this “You Haven’t Seen THAT?! Part 2” series. Yes, I confess, my youth has been missing a pretty serious fragment in that I, Max, had never seen “The Neverending Story” . . . until now. Is it an enduring movie? Check Season 3 of “Stranger Things” if you don’t think so (you know the episode I mean). So, what did I think? Did I enjoy it? I hope you know, because I can’t remember. Good thing we recorded it. Does Mike think it holds up? Does the scene in the Swamps of Sadness still wring hearts? Hop aboard your Racing Snail and give a listen!

Poll question: what movie that you saw as a child still makes you feel the same way as an adult?

3 thoughts on “Episode 243 – The Neverending Story (1984)”

  1. I do love this movie! My old boss, and Mike’s Ethan gave me beautiful version of the book in German, with the real world text in on colour ink and the fantasia text in another. It’s you typical German children’s book warning that about fascism. I love the “. People without hope are easily controlled” speech and Falcor, goofy as he is makes me smile.

    A film I saw as a child and affects me the same way is Disney’s Pinocchio. I always well up near the end when he face down in the water. I forget I know what happens next because that image is so strong.

    1. That gift seems just like Ethan. I can totally see it. “Pinocchio” is a remarkably frightening movie for kids. Pleasure Island is nuts! Drinking, smoking and gambling, it’s a little “Lord of the Flies” smack in the middle of that film. Monstro is scary and Pinocchio does indeed die. So yah! Thanks for the comments, Vince!

      1. I was weird kid, Monstro was the best part for me as a kid. I somehow passed that to Vanessa. When she was like 7 I took her to a star wars movie and she LOVE Jabba the Hut the best.

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