Episode 242 – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)

Howdy, howdy, howdy! Yipee kay yo kay yay! Yeeee-haw! Other Western expressions! Why? Because this week’s entry in our “You Haven’t Seen THAT?! Part 2” series is, you guessed it, a Western. Sort of. Kind of. It’s complicated. But however you shellack your Stetson (that’s a phrase, isn’t it?), this one’s a classic, the first pairing of Robert Redford and Paul Newman, in a movie penned by William Goldman, the man who brought us “The Princess Bride”. And would you believe it? Mike’s never seen it! So I’ve undertaken to correct this shocking shock of shockness and now he’s watched it! Hooray for me! Buffalo stew and cactus fricassee for everyone! But how did Mike like it? Come to think of it, how did I like it? It’s been forever and a day since I’ve seen it . . . oh lord, how DID I like it? I don’t know! Up is down! Black is white! Papier mâché is Crème Brulé! How can we know what’s true? Actually, that’s pretty easy! Give a listen to this week’s episode and we can all learn and laugh and love together . . . again! Yee haw . . .? Podner?

Poll question: assuming you like Westerns at all, do you have a preference for the old, classic, John Wayne-y Westerns like “Fort Apache” or “The Magnificent Seven” or do you prefer the more recent, grittier Westerns, like “Unforgiven” or “Young Guns” or even “Dances with Wolves”?

2 thoughts on “Episode 242 – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)”

  1. I really don’t like westerns and haven’t really found one I would watch a second time. I get people like them, I just don’t. I thought I might like “Unforgiven” but… nope. Time to add another penguin to my belt made of live penguins. I have to lay off the poutine!

    1. I’m not much a fan of westerns, either. Seems Max likes them! As for “Unforgiven,” I really did like that one. One of the few. Thanks, Vince! And maybe feed the poutine to the penguins! That will learn ’em!

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