Episode 241 – American Pie (1999)

Welcome, welcome to our new series . ..  which is a sequel to an old series! In fact, it’s a new version of our very first series: “You Haven’t Seen THAT?! Part 2” Yes, once again Mike and I are challenging each other to watch movies that one of us has never seen but we really should have and the fact that we haven’t means we’re fundamentally flawed and bad people and oh god I’m sorry I’m so sorry I’m a terrible person what’s WRONG with me . . . ok, ok, it’s fine, we’re fine, I’m fine, we’re all fine here . . . how are you? Well, we’re hoping you all are both fine AND dandy as we kick off this series with Mike’s first pick, revealing my shame: I have never seen the movie “American Pie.” Much to my disappointment, it is not, repeat NOT, a visual representation of the classic Don McLean song (why not? Someone missed a golden opportunity here) but rather a raunchy teen comedy and spawner of a thousand memes (not the kind I left France because of). So, get yourself a slice of apple pie, break out your favorite band camp stories and join us as we discuss the film that brought us the icon that is Stiffler’s Mom!

Poll question: what movie best represents YOU? What movie sums you up?

4 thoughts on “Episode 241 – American Pie (1999)”

  1. I’d love to be considered a Fellowship of the Ring, earnest and plucky if a little verbose at times, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m more of a comedy–maybe a Buckaroo Banzai? One can dream!

  2. I would say the film “liquid sky” would be representative but my old friend Sterling and I saw “ welcome to the Dollhouse” and after she said that film totally explained why she and I are the way we are. I fully realize neither says anything good about me!

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