Episode 286 – Do The Right Thing (1989)

Please check out this week’s episode of “Didn’t Win. Didn’t Win. Didn’t Win.” Please do. Please baby, please, baby baby baby please! From that ham-handed reference, you can guess that we’re taking on a Spike Lee movie, specifically “Do The Right Thing”, a movie that didn’t win Best Picture, wasn’t even nominated for Best Picture, but a LOT of people thought was the Best Picture of 1989. Heck, give a listen and hear Mike reveal which Oscar presenter used her time to call out the fact that this movie wasn’t nominated! Hint: it’s not Dame Judy Dench (but if she had been there at the time, I bet she would have said something). Anyway, join us for this remarkable, if not easily-watched, movie and stock up on D-cells for your tape player!

Poll question: what is your favorite Samuel L. Jackson performance?

2 thoughts on “Episode 286 – Do The Right Thing (1989)”

  1. Samuel Jackson is a good actor and fun in so many roles but when he plays Nick Fury I am all in for it. Unbreakable is probably his best “serious” role for me.

    Mike’s take on Driving Miss Daisy is spot on for me but i might have disliked it a bit more.

    1. Yah, I was wincing and moaning a lot during “Driving Miss Daisy,” which I’m sure was not the expected response. Only saw “Unbreakable” once and remembered liking it but not loving it. He is a great Nick Fury. Thanks, Vince!

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