Episode 285 – Juno (2007)

Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that this week’s entry in “Didn’t Win. Didn’t Win. Didn’t Win” was NOT a thrilling docu-drama about the founding and development about the capital of Alaska. I mean, what a missed opportunity! I was hoping to see the on-screen portrayals of the prospectors Richard Harris and Joe Juneau as they struggle to the death to see who gets to name the city (ok, the current name of the city is kind of a spoiler) but imagine Graham Greene as the Tlingit Chief Kowee! Abe Vigoda as the crusty but loveable general store owner! They could have done a touching story about the dog Patsy Anne, the official Canine Greeter of Juneau, or had a massive musical number where everyone does the Ice Worm Wiggle (I’m not making any of that up). Sigh. Ok, so I guess we did get a pretty ok movie about teen pregnancy, with an awesome soundtrack, great performances and some razor-sharp Diablo Cody dialogue but I can’t help think about . . . what could have been . . .

Poll question: What is your favorite Michael Cera performance?

4 thoughts on “Episode 285 – Juno (2007)”

  1. I have really seen Michael Cera in anything, except at our monthly secret Canadian meeting where we dine on seal blubber and drink wine made by a 100 penguins stomping on local grapes which have been adapted to our tundra like conditions. Ryan Reynolds and William Shatner often get very drunk and lame out.

  2. I knew it! I KNEW there were secret Canadian meetings! You sit around plotting to control the price of maple syrup and hockey pucks, don’t you?! I bet Celine Dion shows up to sing the Canadian National Anthem at every meeting, doesn’t she? DOESNT SHE??!!

    1. Why yes she does, in fact. Maple syrup is a big deal! Don’t pretend its not! What else would the beavers eat?

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