Episode 284 – Citizen Kane (1941)

Welcome to Max Foster Levine and No One Else; Movies. I, and I alone, have come up with our new series “Didn’t Win. Didn’t Win. Didn’t Win.” and don’t you forget it! Yes, yes, I may have had some partner or other at some point but I sent him packing when he showed his vast lack of vision at my brilliant choice of “Citizen Kane” as an example of the Worst Movie Ever. Seriously, what a stinker. You all have probably never even heard of this turkey, given the hideous performances, ludicrous script, and barf-inducing direction and camera work by some hack who sold frozen peas. Everyone hates this movie. Yes, they do! Don’t tell me what you think, I’ll tell YOU what you think! You hear me?! My opinions of movies are the only ones that matter!! You all listen to me and no one else! LISTEN TO ME! I’M MAX FOSTER LEVINE AND I . . . I . . . I . . . my heart . . . {thud} . . . . . {whispered} In July . . . .

Poll question: what do you think is the best motion picture ever made? Not necessarily your favorite, but the best made?

2 thoughts on “Episode 284 – Citizen Kane (1941)”

  1. We just watched Citizen Kane a few months ago, Robin mon conjointe had never seen it and swore he never heard of it. He only recently started to watch black and white films and thought it was amazing. While art is of it’s time, it can also been timeless in many ways and seeing his reaction to Kane made me realize how really great it is even to someone 80+ year later who had no idea what it was about.

    Best movie ever is such an unfair question! Of course Faster Pussycat, kill! Kill! is on everyone’s short list but I more have films in I love most in different genres. I used to claim Metropolis was my favourite film but after reading the book… Thea Von Harbou’s not so casual racism made me see it differently. Now I would say King Vidor’s “The Crowd” or Pandora’s box. Of course a film I watch a couple time’s a year and saw in the cinema more times I can remember is “Aquirre the Wrath of God” and not only because it irks Max to think about Werner Herzog. I would not get a DVD player until it was released on DVD it HAD to be the first disc I bought! I also could name Pinochio the Disney animation as it was so amazing and still is after all these years.

  2. Oh man, that must be so cool, seeing “Citizen Kane” for the first time.
    I know “Best Movie” is a broad question, and OF COURSE “Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!” is topping everyone’s list. And thank you SO MUCH for once again rubbing Werner Herzog in my face (which sounds wrong and uncomfortable). Great answers as always, Vince, and thanks for listening!

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