The Oscars, 2020

We interrupt our childhood reminisces for something more timely: our take on this year’s Academy Awards. Yes, we’re right on top of things here at Max, Mike; Movies.  It’s been a mere two weeks since the 92nd Night the Stars Salute Themselves and we figure things have calmed down enough to offer our own opinions on the Academy’s choices for Best Picture Nominees, as well as what we think of the winner, because goodness knows that what people really want is OUR take on these movies.  Because what do those industry professionals know? No, we know what people want: the ramblings of a couple of movie nerds! Mike and I have watched the Oscars every year for over thirty years, so that qualifies us to  . . . watch it again this year and talk about it! And that’s what we’ll do! Just try and stop us (please don’t try and stop us; it would probably be pretty easy to do so).  So yes, we’re talking about the show itself, the lack of a host (hey, we’re both available next year, Academy! Just sayin’ . . . ), the music, the pageantry, and . . .  what am I forgetting . . . oh, right! The movies! What did we think of the Big Nine? What did we think of the winner? Do we think it’s an honor just to be nominated? Will the orchestra play us off before we finish this episode? Find out!

2 thoughts on “The Oscars, 2020”

  1. Thanks for the shout out guys, love ya. We should do lunch sometime – have your people call my people, we’ll sync up.

    You mentioned the costume anachronisms in Little Women, but you didn’t say that it ended up winning the Best Costume award. Here’s a fun thing to do if you know any serious 19th century re-enactors/period clothing fans: Point out that Oscar ™ win to them and watch their reaction. It’ll range from full Comic Book Guy into incoherent rage.

    1. Ahh, Mr. Halbwitz! So good to hear from you! Also good to hear your interesting insight into period costuming. I will now seek out the first serious 19th century re-enactor I can find and indeed point out that Oscar™ win to them. Would it be in poor taste to have a glass of my favorite adult beverage handy so that I won’t get thirsty while witnessing their diatribe? 😀 Oh and… diabetus.

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