Episode 200 – Batman, Animated and Live! (Chapter 3)

Well, we hope all our old chums are hanging on to their bat-ropes as we charge ahead into the third part of our 200th episode (don’t ask me how math works). In this one we move from the last of the Burton-esque Batman movies, including the one that sank the franchise, as well as the much-loved Animated Series and then make a start on the Bale-Nolan Batman revival of the 2000’s. There’s a lot to cover here: we’ve got Jim Carrey as the Riddler, Ahhhhnold as Mr. Freeze (complete with agonizing ice puns), the introduction of Harley Quinn, the introduction of Batman’s gargling-with-hot-gravel voice, and the performance may in fact out-Joker Jack Nicholson. So join us for more Bat-lore and bat-tastic discussion! Batfully!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 200 – Batman, Animated and Live! (Chapter 3)”

    1. Because it’s the keyboard Gotham NEEDS but not the one it deserves . . . it’s complicated.

      Maybe it’s easier to type on when hanging upside down from the ceiling while eating mosquitoes?

    2. Wow. That is a seriously messed up keyboard. Feels like the pro-master either ran out of letters or just said, “Meh. Who da heck is even gonna WATCH dis bomb?” And he was right. Thanks, Ned!

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