Episode 100: Star Wars… All of it!

Great jumping midi-chlorians! We’ve made it all the way to episode 100 of Max, Mike; Movies! Who’d have believed it? Seems like only yesterday we were at episode 34.  They said we’d never make it; they said that we were mad! Mad, I tell you! They said we had to wear pants to the grocery store! Well, who’s wearing pants now, huh? Huh?

As this is an extra special, super-deluxe, chocolate-fudgy episode, we had to do something epic, something massive, something spanning decades, yet so simple and enjoyable that no one could ever, ever disagree about it or have conflicting opinions that would fill countless internet forums, web sites, or endless blogs.  You guessed it, we chose “Star Wars”! (I lobbied for “Twilight” but Mike wouldn’t stop crying and biting himself when I suggested it). But which of the eleven official Star Wars movies could we discuss? How could we choose just one? Well . . . we couldn’t! So, we’re doing ALL OF THEM! That’s right, we’re talking about Star Wars, episodes 1 through 9, as well as “Solo” and “Rogue One.” Man, we must be really good to fit a complete analysis of the entire Skywalker Saga into one hour! Uh . . . well, we’re not actually that good.  This is one of our longest podcasts ever.  I mean EVER.  Like, almost 3 hours long (hey, the movies got progressively longer as they went on, so we’re just honoring them. Yeah, that’s it). You’ll need plenty of roast Porg sandwiches and a big thermos of blue milk for this.  We’ll be trying to discuss as much about all the movies, in context, as we can.  Please note, we’re not going to try to cover the tv shows, animated series, novels, comic books, fanfics, neckties, tattoos, or stained-glass windows.  We’re only Bothans, after all, and many of us died to bring you this podcast.  Well, not really.  

Now, a podcast of this magnitude needs more than just additional time; Mike and I like us some Star Wars-ing, but we’re not experts on the subject, so we found one of the most knowledgeable, reasonable, and well-dressed Star Wars enthusiasts we know: our special guest, Dr. Tyler Hutchinson.  Dr. Hutchinson knows more about Star Wars than Calvin Coolidge put together, and he has very kindly agreed to lend his perspective, his knowledge of the Star Wars Universe, and his elegant vocal stylings to this episode.  Don’t get used to it; next week it’s back to the dull screechings of Max and Mike.  So, don’t go forming any Tyler fan clubs . . . unless we get a piece of the merchandising rights.

And for those of you who don’t want to deal with one huge, choking mass of our ponderous pontificating, Mike has neatly divided this podcast into three downloadable, easy to digest, bite-sized files that you can find here below, on our website.  So, stock up on kyber crystals, light up a death stick, and give a listen to find out if these are the droids you’re looking for!

Episode 100 – Part 1
Episode 100 – Part 2
Episode 100 – Part 3

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9 thoughts on “Episode 100: Star Wars… All of it!”

  1. Happy 100th!! You’ve made it to the big time! I love listening to your podcast, and I make a point of saving each week’s episode for days I need a little more pep in my step, a bit more zing in my swing, and it never disappoints. You’ve both come so far, and it’s been a pleasure to hear the show grow. I remember exactly what I was doing when I listened to your first episode on “Eyes Wide Shut,” and it was clear that the two of you were having a blast. You’re still clearly having just as much fun (maybe more?), but now you’re a well-oiled bipartite machine, tripartite if we’re including Bumpy. Thanks for all the fun, and many happy returns!

    1. You are very kind, sir, and I’m really glad you enjoy, and continue to enjoy, the podcast. Always so good to hear from you. And by the way, we don’t include Bumpy. We never include Bumpy. WE. NEVER. INCLUDE. BUMPY. I hope that’s clear.

  2. Bumpy says thank you, whatever grumpy old Max says. Thanks so much, Ned-who-was-once-cheeseboy! We really appreciate the feedback and the listening. You were a great guest as well, and I’m sure we’ll poke at you should we ever be able to do guest episodes again. It is a blast, and I’m glad that shows in the…well… show. Again, many thanks from me AND Bumpy!

  3. I second what Ned says. I look forward to Monday mornings – an oxymoron to say the least – because of this podcast. You guys have a blast doing it, I have a blast listening, and I always learn something new. I’ve even watched movies I haven’t seen before because of what you’ve said about them. Keep ’em coming!

    1. Thanks, Val! It’s really nice to hear the feedback. We are definitely making more. In fact, we already have. We hope we can continue to keep you coming back every monday. We really appreciate our listeners, who all have excellent taste.

  4. Happy 100 episodes! I was looking forward to this one!
    I wrote a little about the three trilogies on my blog and am not far from what was said in general on your episode. I rewatched the prequels recently, then threw all three away. I really hated them and honestly you can start are the real first film and not lose anything by missing the prequels. I think Hope and Empire are great, Hope is the best as it was the first, is self contained and I loved the idea it was basically an updated Flash Gordon without Buster Crabbe tied up shirtless in short-shorts wile a guy a in a dress tortures him. As the series went on and quickly lost that old time serial energy and light heartedness and even the third film, which has some amazing stuff in it ends with Ewoks – nuff said about that. I don’t hate the last trilogy and like the second the best as I think it took more risks and Luke’s character seemed on target at that point to me. The Casino stuff could have been cut for sure. The first in that trilogy pissed me off. It was supposed to be a chase across the galaxy to find Luke first which would have been a new plot type for the series and instead we got a reboot of New Hope with yet a bigger Death Star. I loved the actors and new characters and none of the new trilogy is boring a least. The last one I give a lot of leeway – tying up a multi deduce series everyone knows and loves is never going to work out totally and again the characters and action kept it lively. While the the first and second trilogy seemed to try harder and harder to top themselves technically, the last trilogy seemed to go for beauty in the effects… some of them are just stunning and awe inspiring. Enough from me and thanks for the company on my 4 hour bike ride today, the podcast made it fly by!

    1. Really glad you liked it, Vince! It was something new for us, especially dragging Tyler in who generally doesn’t even listen to the show. Star Wars fans are a special breed and I think their passion outweighs that of just about any other franchise (though Harry Potter’s come up close). While I don’t foresee us doing another 3 hour marathon, it’s nice to know that we COULD if we wanted. Perhaps…yes, maybe…if Max can finally be convinced, we’ll do all 157 “Fast and the Furious” films to see if their overarching plot and subtle subtext really hold up, or if it’s just a bunch of movies about cars blowing up. Look forward to our 10 hour extravaganza!

    1. Sadly, not even emo-Palpatine can save the prequels, although if that’s how he turned Anakin, it would make more sense. That sounds like exactly the sort of music Whiny McSandhater would listen to.

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