Episode 93: Osmosis Jones (2001)

Here we are again with another cinematic arrow in that quiver we’re calling “Drawn Apart,” where live-action and animated characters come together . . . and only one leaves alive! Ok, um, not so much.  This week we’re checking out “Osmosis Jones,” the movie that asks the question: who’s the leucocyte cop who’s a cell-dividing machine to all the chicks? Osmosis! Damn right.  They say this guy Osmosis is one bad mother . . . . ok, I’ll shut my mouth.  This one is . . . different; for the most part the animated and live-action characters don’t interact, because the animated characters represent the internal biological workings of a live-action human type being.  Yes, we’ve got sentient cells, sentient cold medication capsules and a rather disturbing sentient virus (which is a little too on-the-nose these days, for my taste) voiced by Laurence Fishburne.  From the delicate and tasteful sensibilities of the Farrelly Brothers, the ones who brought us “Dumb and Dumber” and “There’s Something About Mary,” we’ve got a heck of a voice cast for the animated characters and one heck of a Bill Murray for the live action characters.  Oh, and some others.  Does the Farrelly sense of humor translate well to the animated world? Is this wild and wacky or gross and wacky . . . or just gross? Focus your apparently sentient auditory nerve systems and find out!

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