Episode 94: The Smurfs (2011)

Howdy, folks! Welcome to another smurfin’ good episode of “Drawn Apart,” where we focus on movies that smurf together live action and smurfimated characters.  This week’s smurftastic entry, as you may have gathered from my immensely subtle clue-dropping, is 2011’s 3D animated smurf of a movie “The Smurfs,” which sees the near-legendary Belgian characters, stars of books, toys, tv shows, and probably personal hygiene products, dropped into live-action New York.  Pursued by the evil wizard Gargamel (who has got to have the worst success rate of any villain since Wile E. Coyote), they smurf their way through all sorts of smurfjinks and more product smurfment than you can shake a smurf at.  So adjust your lumpy white hat, try not to think about the socio-sexual ramifications of a society with one hundred males and one female, pull up a smurf and give a smurf to our thoughts! And if you don’t, well you can go smurf your smurf on a big smurfin’ smurf of smurf! Smurfsmurfsmurfsmurfsmurfsmurfsmurf ohgodIcan’tstop smurfsmurfsmurfsmurfsmurfsmurf . . .

4 thoughts on “Episode 94: The Smurfs (2011)”

  1. GAH! SMURFS! When I worked in the kids’ department at Cronin’s (a MA family-owned department store for those of you unfamiliar) we sold the little rubber figurines. There had to have been over 50 of them – and they were VERY popular. I never got over that. Thanks, guys, for bringing up THAT nightmare…

  2. We call the les Schtroumpfs here in Quebec and they are still on TV Sunday mornings! I watched some of this on TV because of Neil Patrick Harris and not even he could save it. I was lucky enough enough to have pretty much miss them completely throughout my life and I plan to keep avoiding them where ever they Smurf up… ummm… turn up!

    1. The Smurfs were just a source of annoyance for me because I was not the right age group. I’ve never read the original comics. Could be that they’re quite charming and there’s a reason kids love them. Peyo’s cartooning is really good, but that’s common over across the pond. Thanks for listening, Vince!

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