Episode 118: Monsters University (2013)

Ah, bright college days! Frisbee games on the quad, cramming for exams, trying to choose a major, learning how best to extract the last drop of mortal terror from children . . . truly, golden years.  All this can be found in this week’s example of “Pixar Pix,” “Monster’s University,” the sequel you didn’t know you wanted (but Disney did.  Disney knows your dreams. Disney knows your desires) to the highly enjoyable “Monsters, Inc.” Did you ever wonder how diminutive, one-eyed Mike became best chums with massive, hairy Sully? What do you mean, no? You definitely wondered that.  It says so right here on the Disney officially-approved Things You Wondered About document, which is of course a wrought-iron slab covered in mysterious hieroglyphics! Do not dispute the slab! You wanted this sequel, do you understand? Don’t give us any backtalk!

Anyway, so . . . monsters! They’re just like us. Seriously, according to this movie they’re just like us.  I mean, almost exactly like us, except that they’re monsters.  Join us as we join Mike and Sully as they enter Monsters U (interesting side-note: our own Bumpy the Wonder Pony was expelled from Monsters U after two days for being just too darn disturbing and horrible.  It’s true! He had to get his degree from the online University of Dark Phoenix!).  Give a listen as we discuss the sequel you WILL enjoy (or be subject to penalization by the Disney Corp.).

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