Episode 117: Inside Out (2015)

Feelings.  Nothing more than feelings.  Trying to forget my feelings of love.  Or in the case of this week’s “Pixar Pix”, trying to forget my feelings of Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger.  Yes, we’ve got all the feels this week with “Inside Out”. Previously, Pixar has taken us to Scotland, Mexico and to infinity and beyond, but now they’re taking us to one of the most challenging and complicated locations of all: inside the mind of a pre-teen human.  Aaahhh! What kind of fiends are these? The children! Won’t someone thing of the children?! Oh. . . I guess they kind of are, with this movie.  We’ve had anthropomorphic representations of cars, so of course the next obvious step is anthropomorphic representations of human core emotions.  Sure.  So obvious.  But you’ve got Lewis Black representing Anger and people, this is the kind of casting gold that is up there with Ian McKellan as Gandalf.  Seriously.  But come along with us as we laugh and cry our way through this movie.  Well, Mike cried.  Cried like a little schoolgirl.  I didn’t.  Not at all. Well, ok, I may have allowed one manly tear to course slowly across my cheek but that’s really BING BONG! NOOOOO! WHYYYYYY? WHYYYYY? [dissolves in choking sobs] just listen to the stupid podcast already where’s the ice cream dammit why Bing Bong why?

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