Episode 116: Brave (2012)

Wurra wurra, we’ve got us yet another “Pixar Pix”! This time, Mike takes the high road and I take the low road and we got to Scotland before Pixar! Seriously, we did; we visited Scotland decades before this movie.  But here we have an ostensibly “Disney” Pixar movie, which gave us Pixar’s only entry into Disney’s “Princess” line (the characters, not the cruise ships.  Or maybe both?).  Set in ancient Scotland, this is clearly Pixar’s most Scottish movie.  Wow, is it ever Scottish.  It’s as Scottish as a really Scottish thing.  You don’t ever get a chance to forget that the characters are in Scotland.  Never mind the brogues that are so thick you ladle them over your cullen skink, but we’ve got caber tossing, thistles, mystic will-o-wisps, Shire horses and, of course, haggis.  Jings! So come along and meet Merida of the Gloriously Animated Hair (seriously, they were so proud of the animation for her hair in this movie . . .) and a host of other characters who were definitely in this movie and see if we rank this as one of Pixar’s best, worst, or something else.  Spoiler alert: we do rank it as the most Scottish.  Jings.

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