Episode 115: Coco (2017)

Here we are with another of our “Pixar Pix.”  This week, we examine this carefully crafted animated documentary about one of the great fashion designers, Coco Chanel.  This movie traces Ms. Chanel’s roots from her childhood home in Maine-et-Loire, France to . . . Mike, why are banging your head on the table? Is something wrong? Oh, excuse me, maybe you don’t think it’s worth studying a fashion icon just because she’s FRENCH? That is so anglo-centric! How dare you, sir? You make me sick.

[some time later, after Mike has finished hitting me with a claw hammer]

Ok, so, yes, it is in some way possible that I may have missed the general point of this movie.  Slightly. It may in fact be a richly layered Pixar story, deeply rooted in Mexican culture and tradition, dealing with the Day of the Dead and a young boy learning about how the importance of family can transcend even the mortal realm.  HOWEVER, I would like to point out that most of the characters in this film wear clothes.  And clothes are what Coco Chanel is really famous for.  Right? That was her thing, right? So I don’t think my original take on this movie was that out of line.  Oh dear, Mike’s reaching for the claw hammer again, so quick, give a listen to this week’s episode about the highs and lows of Pixar’s movies, many of which involve characters wearing clothes.

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5 thoughts on “Episode 115: Coco (2017)”

  1. This is one of my all time favourites, it’s just a great film. Also, The Day of the Dead id maybe the only holiday I celebrate willingly – in fact I’ll be making my bread of the dead soon for the holiday! I NEVER thought I would hear La Llorona sung in a film aimed at a general audience. I am sure I squealed outloud when I hear it in the theatre. The animation is at a whole new level in this film in subtle ways. When characters touch another characters skin, it actually reacts in a realistic way. I was surprised to hear the film did some well because, like Mike mentioned, I didn’t know anyone who saw it but me except for one friend who also LOVED it. The story itself is so well done it stands up to to many… many viewings and it never gets old.

    1. I don’t know why some Pixar fans skipped this one. Maybe they thought it wouldn’t be relevant to them? Don’t know but I hope we can convince some folks to watch it. I loved this film when I first saw it and only love it a little more each time I watch it. Thanks, Vince! Glad we got you listening!

      1. I am curious as to your take on Brave next… I saw it awhile back on my iPad on the bus to Boston and really liked it but never watched it again. I might have been mesmerized by the hair…

  2. I (finally) saw Coco last evening, because of the guys’ recommendation. It was everything they said it was. What’s more important is what they didn’t say: they left the Major Plot Twist unspoilered (as will I) so it was a complete surprise. Made me want to see the movie, didn’t spoil anything – we can call that a successful podcast. Good job guys (and Bumpy)!

    1. Thank you, Herr Halbwitz! Very kind of you to say. Bumpy thanks you as well. It’s hard with some movies to discuss them and not give ‘the thing’ away, and in the case of older films, it feels a little silly as it’s been around so long. I appreciate the comment and will definitely try not to reveal such things more diligently (less diligently?) in the future. It’s good to know that matters. Thanks for listening and commenting!

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