Episode 114: Cars 2 (2011)

Welcome back to another edition of “Pixar Pix,” where we talk about the highs and lows, the hills and valleys, the pork and beans of one of the Great Animation Houses.  This week: cars.  You know, here in my car I feel safest of all     .  I can lock all my doors. It’s the only way to live.  In cars.  Well, with all due respect to Gary Numan, this movie may give the lie to that sentiment.  Yes, this week we’re taking on “Cars 2,” the sequel to . . . ok, you can figure that one out.  One of the first movies to come out of Pixar after it had been assimilated by Disney, this film is generally considered to be one of the . . . less spectacular efforts of Pixar and the last one to be directed by founder John Lasseter.  Enter a world where vehicles rule the earth and there are no humans in sight . . . or ARE THERE? Give a listen, hear what we think (and smell what we imagine) and also enjoy our ravings, I mean, the TRUTH about the terrifying secret of the world of . . . Cars 2.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 114: Cars 2 (2011)”

  1. I really hated the original cars and got roped into seeing this one somehow. Max is right the first did have some beautiful animation and scenery but that was about it. I was not a big Toy story fan either, the first was a breakthrough but the concept just got to weird as Mike talked about – better Not to think about living toys too much! Or cars! And definitely not Planes!

    1. I’ve avoided Cars 1-3 until now and I really can’t see a reason to watch the two I haven’t. “Planes” looked like straight to DVD chaff. Toy Story movies are generally pretty good but they should have stopped a long time ago. Pixar can do better, as we will see. Thanks, Vince!

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