Episode 113: Toy Story 2 (1999)

So a few weeks ago we talked about Pixar’s masterpiece “Toy Story” as part of our “90’s” discussion and this made us realize (help us) that we had made a grave error by bothering to discuss any movie (please, call someone) other than those crafted by the geniuses at Pixar, which is now a part of that (the Disney troupers won’t let us go) most benevolent, kindly, and munificent family company, Disney (please, they’ve bolted electrified mouse ears to our skulls.  It hurts.  It hurts so much).  So we’ve started a brand new series that we’re calling “Pixar Pix” (mike can’t stop crying) dedicated to praising those magical and lovely artists (I can’t feel my legs any more) at Pixar.  We love you, Pixar. We don’t deserve to watch your glorious creations (please please please please help us help us).

Ok, in all seriousness we’ve decided to take a look at a number of the Pixar creations of the last twenty years or so.  We’ll be talking about the ones that are great and the ones that are . . . well, let’s face it, not so great.  Even Pixar can’t churn out nothing but winners, and we’ll be talking about that.  But we’re starting out with “Toy Story 2”, the sequel to what was effectively a surprise home run for Pixar’s first time at bat.  How does the sequel hold up? Are we talking “Godfather II” here or “Daddy Day Camp”? Give a listen and see if you agree with our notional notions.  To the podcast and beyond!

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