Episode 112: Fargo (1996)

Oh, cripes, don’tcha know, we’re here for one last go-around with “In Ancient Times: The 90’s,” and I’ll tell ya that for free, oh yah, those nice Coen boys, Joel and Ethan, they’ve done it up real nice, you betcha.  While them Coen fellas may have done ok with their earlier flickers like “Raising Arizona,” “Blood Simple,” and “Barton Fink,” this was one of their first major hits, y’know, that the kids liked, garnering them a passel of Oscar nods and even a couple of wins.  Featuring a rather quirky script, a remarkable cast, and the inviting location of Minnesota in the middle of winter, if nothing else this movie really gives you a picture of the Twin Cities and Minnesota over all (such nice folks up in Brainerd, oh yah).  So hop on I90, but remember there’s construction around exit 41 so stay in the far left lane, make sure you’re careful of the flash ice, and then tuck into your favorite hotdish with a nice side of ludefisk and join us, oh yah? Or don’t.  Either way’s fine, don’t wantcha to go out of your way or nothin’.  No, no really, it’s fine. But take some ludefisk with you before you go.  Yah, no, I insist.

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