Episode 119: The Incredibles (2004)

Holy campy tv catchphrase! It’s another episode of “Pixar Pix”! When last we left our Dyspeptic Duo, they were dangling above a vat of radioactive mayonnaise while Lord Doctor Baron von Naughtyguy was launching into hour three of his detailed description of his plan for world domination . . . or maybe they were just watching movies, I dunno, I wasn’t paying attention; I was just waiting for the post-credits sequence.  So, we’ve seen Pixar tackle monsters, self-aware toys, and sentient hell-mobiles but this week we discuss their take on a very tricky genre: superhero movies.  Keep in mind, mainstream superhero movies are a comparatively recent phenomenon, given that special effects have reached a level where the costumes don’t look as ridiculous and Spider-Man’s webs don’t just look like a fishing net thrown by an off-camera stagehand.  Some of these movies really work and some of them . . . really don’t.  So, what sort of take are we going to get from Pixar? Well, this is pre-Disney Pixar, so it’s a fairly daring take: it’s a movie about family.  Ok, this family happens to be made up entirely of super-powered beings, but it’s definitely a movie about family.  How well does it work? And how well does it hold up? Join us right now, same Max, Mike; Movies time, same Max, Mike; Movies channel!

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4 thoughts on “Episode 119: The Incredibles (2004)”

  1. This was one of their best I have to agree. Everything works. the sequel, much like Monsters University, I had to wrack my brain to remember if I had seen either one. I have seen them both but they left zero impression on me. I was excited to see a sequel to this since it was the only Pixar that seemed to be begging for one. Be careful what you wish for! There were rumours of a sequel to “inside out” which I appreciated for it’s really out there concept but it did not connect with me, but I liked it enough to know a sequel would be a very bad idea!

    1. I am generally against sequels unless the story has been written out ahead of time, like “Lord of the Rings.” What always happens is suddenly, the people in charge realize there are things that don’t make sense for a longer narrative (Luke’s father having been killed BY Darth Vader being the biggest one) and they have to backpedal or scramble to make things fit. Most movies do NOT need a sequel; it’s simply a grab for more money. I’m all about the story. I really don’t care about anything else. Thanks for listening and commenting, Vince!

      1. I love your show! Keep making it!
        Yes it has to be written as a multi part story to work as a rule. Not even Starcrash 2 was as good as the original!

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