Episode 120: The Good Dinosaur (2015)

Well, it’s been fun and we all had a good laugh but now we come to the end of our “Pixar Pix” with this week’s entry “The Good Dinosaur.” Oh man, remember Halloween 2015, when all the kids were dressing up as Arlo the Apatosaurus? Sigh….. good times.  So this movie is based on a fascinating premise: what if dinosaurs had never gone extinct? What if the Extinction Asteroid had never hit the earth all those hundreds of years ago? (it was hundreds of years, right? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it was) Yes, what if dinosaurs had continued to evolve, developing high intelligence, consciousness, and self-awareness, while at the same time humans were doing the same? Wow.  Think of the fascinating intellectual, philosophical and moral issues that would arise! What kind of society would dinosaurs form? Would they develop their own brand of technology? How would they change physiologically? Well, finally we have a movie that answers all these . . . hah? Excuse me? Oh . . . I see.  So it’s basically just a sort of boy-and-his-dog, Fantastic Journey story but with dinosaurs.  Huh. Ok . . . that’s fine! This is Pixar, right? No doubt they’ll come up with some sort of unique, challenging perspective on this incredibly familiar, dare I say hackneyed, story concept.  Pixar wouldn’t let us down, would they? I mean, this came out the same year as “Inside Out”! Right? . . . . right? Well, give a listen and see how it all worked out.  They wouldn’t . . . right?

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3 thoughts on “Episode 120: The Good Dinosaur (2015)”

  1. This was not my favourite Pixar film by a long shot, but I liked it better than you guys! I loved the scenery and the characters and how they moved…I didn’t think it worked together but it was something to see. If you are going to go that real… film it. The collector dinosaur did throw me out of of the film, he was funny and just disappeared, never to be seen again. The overall story was banal but well done for what it was. It is funny how much I agree with all your critiques yet found it diverting enough to keep me from worrying about how thumbless dinosaurs built all that stuff! I saw it on a 10 bus ride to Boston so my views might be coloured by the fact that anything the distracts you on a bus ride is a good thing!

    1. Hey, everyone gets to like or dislike things any way they want. We just happen to be right! Just kidding, of course. If you had a good time with this, hey, we’re happy for you. We never want to just make a statement and have people follow it, it’s all about the conversation and, if possible, get people to consider movies they hadn’t or avoid ones they’ve already avoided. And make tons and tons of money along the way! We’re still working on that last part. Thanks, Vince!

      1. You and talked about this on the celluloid slammer blog before you saw it so it was interesting to hear what you thought after watching it. The realism in the backgrounds does make me wonder if some modern animators mix their ideas about making animated films and doing special effects.

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