Episode 3: The Big Kahuna

And here we are with “The Big Kahuna”, a movie Mike had seen but Max had not.  Join Frankie, Annette, and Moon Doggie as they get up to zany antics on the beach . . . . Oh, hang on.  Wrong sort of “big kahuna.”  No, this intriguing character study is based on the play “The Hospitality Suite” and deals with three salesmen trying to land that one big account that will save the company.  Starring Danny Devito, Peter Facinelli, and . . . oh dear . . . Kevin Spacey.

Episode 2: The Social Network

And with Episode 2 of this series, Mike and I discuss “The Social Network,” the fictionalized story of how Mark Zuckerberg created some obscure little website called “Facecrunch” or “Headbook” or something, that ended up making him the youngest billionaire in the world . . . and what he ended up doing to the people around him along the way.

Episode 1: Eyes Wide Shut

Series 1 involves the two of us discussing a movie that one of us has seen but the other one hasn’t. This week, we discuss Stanley Kubrick’s . . . unique vision of love, sexuality and really weird house parties in Mike’s choice, “Eyes Wide Shut.”