Episode 16: That Thing You Do!

One last hidden gem for you! This week we’re havering about the 1996 directorial debut of Tom Hanks, “That Thing You Do (exclamation point)”.  It’s the story of a the rise of a band from Erie, PA in the 1960s called The Wonders and their one hit . . . huh . . . I feel like there’s a reference I’m missing here . . . It’s charming, the acting is good and you won’t get the title song out of your head for quite some time.  Enjoy with us, won’t you?

4 thoughts on “Episode 16: That Thing You Do!”

  1. Trivia: You actually missed a family member who was in the cast – though not surprising as he wasn’t credited. Rita’s brother Chris is also in the movie as a background character. How do I know this? Not only was Chris our next-door neighbor for a while, he and my husband, Michael, were in a band together, a band called Vision Bishop that lasted about as long as the Oneders. I met Esther Williams through them. I’ll have to tell you that story some time.

    I don’t know if Mike remembers this, but when Bosom Buddies came out Hanks & Scolari did a promo for the show. I don’t remember the whole thing (it was just them talking) but in the latter part they said “Be there, be square! Be rhomboid! Do the rhomboid!” It’s a quote I’ve used ever since.

    1. Brush with greatness! Thanks for the insider perspective, Val! I had no idea about the appearance of Chris in this movie.
      Do the rhomboid. That’s beautiful. I remember really liking “Bosom Buddies” mostly because of the chemistry and patter between Hanks and Scolari. What a strange business it is; Hanks goes on from that show to win two Oscars and Scolari goes on from that show to play the live-action “Mr. Bill” from SNL.

  2. No dissing Toni Basil! She choreographed Bowie, the Talking heads and was “Red” the sexy go-go girl in the Ron Howard and Beau Bridges classic “Village of the Giants”!

    1. Oh come on, seriously? Toni “Micky” Basil was in “Village of the Giants”? That can’t be . . . sweet fancy Moses, he’s right! Well played, sir! I had no clue! And I’ve even seen this movie (ok, I’ve seen the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version, but still). Oh man, she was the dancer who distracted Beau Bridges and his fellow giants during the “I Have a Cunning Plan” sequence.
      Honestly, it’s Mike who has it in for her, but he has suffered numerous traumas because of Ms. Basil; whenever the opportunity arises, people are always pressuring him to sing “Micky.” Which I’ve seen him do, even if he did sing it intentionally like Fred Schneider from the B-52s.

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