Episode 10: Max Headroom

Here is another entry in our series of “Hidden Gems,” movies that we dig but for some reason haven’t received that much audience love.  This week we’re talking about the totally tubular (dude) movie that launched an 80’s phenomenon, “Max Headroom,” a tv movie about a dystopian near-future where an A.I. that becomes a popular tv personality.  Oddly prescient in some ways . . .

2 thoughts on “Episode 10: Max Headroom”

  1. I loved this movie back in the day. It would definitely be interesting to see it again.

    I am so loving this podcast! The only thing I hate about it that there’s only one a week. Now I have to wait a whole week for the next one!

    1. Thanks, Val! It’s really interesting to see this movie today. Some of it doesn’t hold up that well but some of it really does!

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