Episode 12: Tapeheads

This week we present another “Hidden Gem”, the 1988 cult hit “Tapeheads”, starring John Cusack (pre-“Say Anything’) and Tim Robbins (post-“Howard the Duck”) as two young lads attempting to make it in the music video industry.  A somewhat bizarre but thoroughly enjoyable movie with a very odd collection of cameos, from Jello Biafra to “Weird Al” Yankovic. Am I crying?

5 thoughts on “Episode 12: Tapeheads”

    1. Good point, Val. But when did RVTV (from the movie) debut? Answer me that! Hah, I’ve run rings around you logically. And ask yourself: when’s the last time you had a wing with a waffle?

  1. FYI – I think the Andy Griffith movie you’re talking about is “A Face in the Crowd,” a surprisingly compelling movie.

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