Episode 61: Showgirls (1995)

Please make sure your safety harness is tightly secured and that your eye and ear protection is firmly in place, ‘cause in this week’s “You Can’t Make Me, You Can’t Make Me”, we’re taking on one of the most hated movies of the last quarter century: “Showgirls.”  Starring “Saved By the Bell” alumna Elizabeth Berkley as a dancer/stripper (I’ll let that description sink in for a moment), this Razzie-sweeping tower of dreck was my choice for Mike’s delectation and detestation. Mike, whether he realized it or not, took it easy on me with “Sherlock Gnomes.” This week, I show him what mistake that was.  Directed by Paul “Basic Instinct” Verhoeven, this movie continues his ongoing themes of respect and empowerment for women andbwahHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I’m sorry, I couldn’t even type that with a straight face.  Again, as per the rules settled on by the International Society of Uniform Cinematic Knowledge (iSUCK), only Mike had to experience the sheer power of “Showgirls.” And when I say “experience the sheer power,” I mean it in the sense of sitting down in a pool of water with a live multi-megawatt power cable.  I merely stood back, wearing my smoked glasses, watched the sparks and listened to the screams.  Join us now, and enjoy Mike’s screams along with me.

4 thoughts on “Episode 61: Showgirls (1995)”

  1. What do you mean, you guys are the only ones who have withstood the horror that is Science Crazed?! You forget that I have also witnessed the terror of birth in a lawn chair!

    1. Without us, you would never have seen this masterpiece of…let’s just say that, of all our listeners, you are singular in this case. And we don’t WANT people to see that canker of a movie!

  2. Does it say bad things about me that I’ve actually been wanting to watch REPO! for a while? Also, you’ve already done the movie dirty, as there is one other actor of note. (Or maybe not, maybe it’s just crap) The leading lady is the same woman who played the girl in Spy Kids. That’s gotta be worth something, right? Right?

    But seriously, as a music nerd, I actually really DO want to see this thing.

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