Episode 296 – The Trip (1967)

Log entry, nighttime, July something or other. So, we’re coming to the end of our series “Be Like the Cor-Man” and in preparation for our discussion of “The Trip,” an exploration of the effects of an LSD experience, I’ve decided to really commit to the message of the film, so I’ve eaten half a sheet of blotter acid in preparation. I’m pretty sure that’s a reasonable dose for a beginner; the internet seems unable to agree on that. I have to say, so far I’m pretty disappointed. It’s been over an hour and I’m not even slightly biffle dinked. Krammiz frantzaville . . . Wait, why did I type that? Ow! Ow, dammit, the keys on my keyboard are biting me! Oh man, the plants in my window box were right; why didn’t I listen?! They warned me that computer peripherals aren’t to be trusted! What? Say that again, I dare you! Oh, what do you know about it? You’re just a regular old chorus of talking bats wearing electric blue zoot suits; what do you know about the counter-culture of the 60’s? Oh, ok . . . my spleen just explained to me that I should be open to all perspectives if I want my consciousness to expand beyond simple truths offered up by random walking conifers. I see now. I see everything. I see beyond the crude shells of . . . oh, hang on. Wait, this isn’t blotter acid! This is a sheet of bubble gum tape! Dang it, that giant talking puffin lied to me! So . . . where did these bats come from? While I’m figuring that out, join us on a far out Corman trip, man. Groovy. Freaky-deaky! [Eww, so much bat guano . . .]

Poll question: What time period is your favorite film setting, in the past or future?

3 thoughts on “Episode 296 – The Trip (1967)”

  1. There are more Verne adaptations than Mike is aware of! Mysterious Island was a crossover event of sorts for Verne, it combined his book The Castaways with 20 000 Leagues so The Nautilus and Captain Nemo do appear in it as in the movie version.

    Past of future… ? I actually like steam punk which is getting the future in my past and I also like futures with old looking tech etc mixed in (like Brazil) so that is getting my past mixed in with my future. Two great tastes that taste great together!

  2. Also “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (“Gertrude?!”) and “Around the World in 80 Days”! Thanks, Vince!

  3. “First men in the Moon” isn’t Harryhaussen’s best but I like them all and the Verne connection just make it like it a little more.

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