Episode 185: The Deep House (2021)

Hey, welcome! Glad you’ve chosen Max, Mike; Movies as your real estate agency! We’ve got a great little property to show you this week: it’s one of our “Now Streaming in a Room Near You” models and it’s a real steal.  Location? Just the best: right in the South of France! I know, right? How is this beauty still on the market? Well, we’ve got a real motivated seller, because this house is underwater.  Excuse me? Oh, uh, no, I’m not talking about the mortgage. I mean the house is actually underwater, or as we call it, lakefront property! Ok, more accurately it’s lake bottom property, oh, say, 30 meters down; that’s about 100 feet American. Man, that metric system, am I right? How’s that? Well, sure, you’re gonna get your water in the basement with this little handyman’s dream.  Yes, and in the kitchen. And the bedrooms.  And pretty much the rest of the house. But you won’t believe how well-preserved this beauty is! Seriously, you really won’t believe it . . . And the water is guaranteed to be French! You know how much people pay for French water? I tell ya! Other problems? Well, I won’t lie to you; we’re not like those OTHER real estate agents, we’ll play it straight with you.  The wiring in the place could stand a bit of an upgrade.  The kitchen is charming, mind you, but it could stand a little updating. Oh, and you may here some people mumbling something about an ancient evil stirred from some dark place to cast its dread shadow upon the earth, or some gossip about something not being dead that can eternal lie, but that’s really just local color.  So, shall we talk financing?

Poll question: What is your favorite movie about religion or that has a religious theme or setting?

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3 thoughts on “Episode 185: The Deep House (2021)”

  1. Sure I watch Rougue whatever 3 and you watch something that looks somewhat decent!

    Does “life of Brian” count as a religious film? The 1967 “Bedazzled”? It does to me! “The Last Temptation of Christ” was something I watched when ti came out and found interesting. As for the “classic” religious files like “Ben Hur”, the “10 commandments” and all those – I find them insufferable, boring. I used the like some of the effects work in 10 Commandments but they didn’t age very well. Religious stories in general just do not interest me.

    1. I’m not a fan of religious films either. I did see “Passion” in the theater for reasons I can’t understand and found it ridiculous. Even terrible. “Ten Commandments” I find hilarious because it is SO serious and SO silly. “Life of Brian” totally counts and we’ll put that in for you. Don’t know “Bedazzled.” Does it have to do with putting rhinestones on jeans? 😀 Thanks, Snowman! And hey, you don’t have to watch “Deep House” now!

      1. Omg you have to see bedazzled with Peter cook and Dudley Moore! Rachel Welch plays the sin lust! It’s about a guy who is want to kill himself but the devil interrupts him and gives him several wishes in return for his soul. The make the wish they have to sing “ July Andrews!” I have to show it to you!

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