Episode 186: Finch (2021)

Welcome to the final episode in our “Now Streaming in a Room Near You” series. This week, “Finch” asks the question: “Hey, remember how great Tom Hanks was in that movie when he was all alone except for a deflated volleyball? And he talked to it and stuff? Well how great would it be if the volleyball could actually talk back? Mind-blowing, right?” Ok, that’s a bit of an oversimplification; “Finch” is a post-Apocalyptic story and Tom Hanks is the Last Man on Earth . . . or more accurately the Last Man in St. Louis…That We Know Of.  It’s just him, his dog . . . and a couple of adorable robots, one of which can talk.  So, it’s your typical post-apocalyptic-buddy-road-trip-environmental-message-robot  movies. Man, you can’t throw a rock without hitting one of those, am I right? And once again, the producers went to Tom Hanks and said “Tom. Buddy. Pal. We got this movie and it’s a little heavy. Would you mind carrying it?” “Geez, guys, I dunno, I did that once and I’m still pretty tired from it.” “No, no, this’ll be different! You’ll have help!” “Oh, great, so I get a co-star?” “Sure… kinda.” “What do you mean, ‘kinda’?” “Uh, well, another actor will be involved …“ “Yes?” “They just won’t exactly be on-screen with you, that’s all.” “… I’m co-starring with a special effect, aren’t I.” “… Yes, yes you are.” “Guys, why would I want to … is … is that a moving van full of money pulling up to the house? With a big Apple logo on it?” “Yuppers!” “Sigh. Fine, when do I show up?”

[The preceding is a completely accurate recreation of how Apple studios asked Tom Hanks to be in “Finch”. And by “completely accurate,” I mean that’s how it happened in my head, which as far as I’m concerned is the same thing]

Poll question: do you prefer your science fiction all post-apocalypty, with mankind struggling to survive and rebuild, possibly with a dystopia or two thrown in, or do you prefer the whole “the stars my destination” route, with humanity making our way into the galaxy in shiny, shiny spaceships and meeting aliens who ask “Kiss? What is kiss? Show me kiss!”

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3 thoughts on “Episode 186: Finch (2021)”

  1. If Hanks is dying from radiation poisoning, wouldn’t the dog be too?

    I like “the road warrior “ well enough, but in general I find post apocalyptic stories repetitive and not too interesting while I like more positive, explorative sci fi, even though many times that isn’t done any better a desolate future. I think it has more possibilities. Both scenarios lend themselves to the race of supermen against the race of wild people plot lines on the low budget end of filmmaking but on the higher end a positive, harder sci fi future just interests me more.

    Maybe you should do a series on silent films, I can offer suggestions as they are sort of a light obsession of mine.

    1. The dog is always in the shade. Or something. There are a lot of science questions in this movie, as there often are in science fiction films in general. I think we’re just supposed to ‘feel’ and not ‘think’ as much.

      As for silent films, we have thought about it but we’re worried that our audience, which is painfully small as it is, might not go for such a series. That being said, you never know and feel free to suggest away. And thanks, as always for listening and commenting!

      1. Maybe a one off silent film now and then, or review a silent and the later remake. Or a film that influences films to this day. I just finished the novel Metropolis was based on, Cecil b demille made a silent Ten Commandments and then remade it. Pandora’s Box is an amazing film and the star Louise brooks character can be seen in so many other films to this day. Just some suggestions since I am nut for promoting silent, as you know!

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