Episode 181: Don’t Look Up (2021)

Episode 181: Don’t Look Up (2021)

Max, Mike; Movies: a name you can trust.  A name that shares your values.  A name that means honesty. Freedom. Decency. Family. [insert additional focus-group approved positive emotional trigger words end-subroutine].  And in our series “Now Streaming to a Room Near You”, in these trying times, we know you want to feel safe. Secure. Not worried about being consumed by flesh-eating hyper-zombies.  So, we’re making this pledge to you: while you listen to our discussion of the Oscar-nominated film “Don’t Look Up,” at no point will you or your family be attacked by flesh-eating hyper-zombies.  That’s the Max, Mike; Movies guarantee.  Ignore what the Fake News may be telling you about flesh-eating hyper-zombies. Don’t be fooled by the alleged sounds of radioactive claws tearing at the doors of your home or the so-called “screams of your neighbors” the libs keep going on about.  You can trust us on this: flesh-eating hyper-zombies will be kept at bay by this podcast.  Believe us.  We’ve done our own research on this.  Give a listen, secure in the knowledge that at no point will you be menaced by flesh-eating hyper-zombies. [Disclaimer: protectionagainstflesh-eatinghyper-zombieshasnotbeenpeer-reviewedguaranteeisnotbackedbyanyfinancialsourcesomepartsmaybemadeofchickennotvalidinallstatessorryTennessee]

Poll question: what is your most-hated minor movie cliché? The rain starting right after a romantic breakup? The hacker saying “I’m in”? The fact that no one ever has trouble finding a parking space in a movie What often-used minor point just really sets your teeth on edge every time?

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4 thoughts on “Episode 181: Don’t Look Up (2021)”

  1. One thing that bugs me every time is that “perfect timing” thing. The phone rings with the information they need after the characters have just talked about about what they need. The cure is magically invented, tested and produced just moments before it is too late. Sometimes the coincidences are just a little too much for me! It’s almost like everyone is following a script or something!

  2. I thought of a worse one for me… the horror cliches where people do the stupidest thing like not leaving the haunted house or call or split up so they can all be killed one by one!

    1. Both good answers, Vince. We HAVE to save the hero at all costs even if the antidote/vaccine might have side effects from having been thrown together in a dirty mens room sink with ingredients that have all expired. Science! Or, well, not. Or hey, how about the radio that’s turned on and just happens to have a news flash about the crime that the main characters are interested in? The horror teens? Don’t get me started. Thanks, Vince! I mean, Snowman!

      1. The radio thing is another part of the “perfect timing” thing for me and it is so annoying! It could be used in a more natural ways. We just had a snow storm that brought zombie snowmen into the city and all the lights are out so, of course, I am going to go outside in only my undies to have a look. What could go wrong?

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