Episode 163: The Addams Family (1991)

Holy cathode ray tubes! It’s a brand-new series here on “Max, Mike; Movies”! This time we’re checking out creations for the big screen that had their origins on the small screen. No, not on your phone, I’m talking about television . . . although recent technological and social changes really have redefined what the term “small screen” might refer to.  Heck, it might even make people think I’m talking about their smartwatches! The cultural and linguistic ramifications are seriously . . . hey, but, movies! Movies that were spawned by tv shows! That’s what we’re talking about in this new series “I Made-From-TV Love You” [note: title of series is a clumsy paraphrasing of an old Mystery Science Theater 3000 quote. Patent pending].  This week we’re starting off with a movie based on a tv show based on a series of New Yorker cartoons based on . . . probably some stuff scribbled on a bar napkin: “The Addams Family.” This is the live-action one, not to be confused with the recent CG movies or the family’s appearances on assorted episodes of Scooby Doo.  Give a listen and try to blot out the memory of the atrocities MC Hammer committed on the classic theme song.

Poll question: (a reversal of a question from a couple of shows ago) What is a movie that you love, or at least really enjoy, that everyone else can’t stand (or looks at you funny and edges away when you tell them you love it)?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 163: The Addams Family (1991)”

  1. Mike keeps asking who this film was made for… didn’t he see the dedication at the start and end that clearly state its was made for ME? I love this fit and the sequel, I only saw a couple episodes as a young kid but enough for me to want Addams family to adopt me. I find them both very funny in the best way, not reliant on jokes that can lose their effect after one viewing but based situation, delivery and timing. many of the movies that had me rolling in the aisle first viewing lose that surprise factor on subsequent viewings. The “Hammer” version of the theme is so awful. I watch both films at least once a year.

    A recent film I love and think is just super fun and well done is “John Carter (of Mars)”. The effects are great, I thought the story moved along it’s tropes in away that seemed fresh enough but so many people just think they are supposed to hate it because it bombed at the box office when I find it quite charming.

    1. CooL! Glad you’re a fan of this movie, Vince. I know Max is. I like it but not as much as you two, which is fine. Also, “John Carter.” Huh. Wasn’t one that really resonated with me, but again, glad you got something out of it. As always, we appreciate your insights. You have been mentioned and more BumpyBux will be added to your account.

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