Episode 108: Rushmore (1998)

Welcome once again to Max, Mike; Movies as we delve into the antediluvian mysteries of “In Ancient Times: the 90’s”, a time so ancient that it’s really, really old.  Today’s installment concerns “Rushmore,” the award-winning documentary about the creation of one of America’s most famous monuments honoring some of our greatest presidents.  Located in South Dakota . . . hm? What’s that? Oh . . . really? The movie is an early Wes Anderson film? I don’t get it; what does quirky, distinctive director Wes Anderson have to do with Mount . . . oh.  Huh.  So, what did I watch then? Ok, hang on . . .
[93 minutes later]
So, “Rushmore”! Wes Anderson’s second film! Which I knew because I watched it! Seriously, while this is very early in Mr. Anderson’s career, well, you can really see, hear, and smell the Wes Anderson-ness of this movie all over the place, and not just because you can see him building his ensemble cast members that he loves to use: Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, one or more of the Wilson brothers . . . Is there quirky music? Strange overhead camera shots? Just how Andersonian is this early attempt? Give a listen and maybe, just maybe we’ll tell you [spoiler alert: we totally tell you]

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