Episode 108: Rushmore (1998)

Welcome once again to Max, Mike; Movies as we delve into the antediluvian mysteries of “In Ancient Times: the 90’s”, a time so ancient that it’s really, really old.  Today’s installment concerns “Rushmore,” the award-winning documentary about the creation of one of America’s most famous monuments honoring some of our greatest presidents.  Located in South Dakota . . . hm? What’s that? Oh . . . really? The movie is an early Wes Anderson film? I don’t get it; what does quirky, distinctive director Wes Anderson have to do with Mount . . . oh.  Huh.  So, what did I watch then? Ok, hang on . . .
[93 minutes later]
So, “Rushmore”! Wes Anderson’s second film! Which I knew because I watched it! Seriously, while this is very early in Mr. Anderson’s career, well, you can really see, hear, and smell the Wes Anderson-ness of this movie all over the place, and not just because you can see him building his ensemble cast members that he loves to use: Bill Murray, Jason Schwartzman, one or more of the Wilson brothers . . . Is there quirky music? Strange overhead camera shots? Just how Andersonian is this early attempt? Give a listen and maybe, just maybe we’ll tell you [spoiler alert: we totally tell you]

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June 8th, 2020

Hello again, friends.  We once again don’t feel it’s appropriate to post an episode this week, given the current events and protests that continue and will, we hope, bring about some sort of meaningful change.  Ours aren’t the voices that should be listened to at this point. We’ll be posting again soon. Until then, our thoughts are with you. Stay safe.

June 1st, 2020

To our good friends and listeners: with what’s going on in our country today, it really doesn’t feel like the right time to post a light-hearted discussion about movies.

We would just like to take this opportunity to say that we support those who are peacefully protesting the heart-breaking murder of George Floyd and the terrible underlying issues that this tragically non-isolated event highlights. 

These words aren’t catch-phrases. They’re basic truths: Black Lives Matter.  No Justice, No Peace.

Be smart. Be safe. Be strong.