Episode 67: Freddy Got Fingered (2001)

It’s been a long, dark road but we’ve arrived at the final, some might say most foul, entry in our “You Can’t Make Me, You Can’t Make Me” series.  Last week, Mike did some serious harm to my psyche with his cruel and unusual “Baby Geniuses” frontal assault, so this week, I reply with the cinematic poisoned dagger of the soul that is “Freddy Got Fingered,” the most dismal (and one of the only) entries in the “career” of Tom Green, a name that strikes a shuddering chill into the hearts of movie-goers.  This movie is Tom at Tommy-est.  Mr. Green at his Green-est.  There are those who say this movie is a satirical masterpiece, an ironic work of genius.  Here at Max, Mike; Movies, we respect all opinions.  We know there are no right or wrong ideas . . . except for this one.  Those people are wrong.  Just. Plain. Wrong.  You want evidence? Listen to the sad, tattered remnants of Mike soul dribble out into his microphone.  Did I top “Baby Geniuses” with this monstrosity? Listen . . . and find out.

6 thoughts on “Episode 67: Freddy Got Fingered (2001)”

  1. SO I was all set to be mad a Mike for making Max watch the baby movie when I listened to this and now I think they deserve each other! I also made the HUGE mistake of looking up Clutch Cargo from the last podcast… OMG

    1. Those lips!! Clutch Cargo freaked me out as a kid. For some reason, the mouths were really pink, almost red and I thought they were bloody. It’s also just a terrible attempt at saving money while making animation. The term ‘Synchro-Vox,’ however, is awesome. As for Max being made to watch a baby genius movie, well, I got mine.

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