Episode 254 – Kung Fu Panda (2008)

This week in our “… But An Incredible Simulation” series we tackle the very serious lyrical question: Was EVERYONE Kung Fu Fighting? I mean, it just doesn’t’ seem to make practical sense for everyone, everywhere to be Kung Fu Fighting, especially at the same time. All urban infrastructure would come to a complete halt. Food production would falter. The kicks in question may have indeed been “fast as lightning”, which would suggest a fairly short refractory period but it’s more than likely that there were multiple kicks from multiple sources, so that’s going to take some time. It’s clearly stated that it was a little bit frightening, so a number of people are going to need counseling and emotional support, and that is going to eat into productivity. Also, people are bowing and making a stand all over the place; that’s going to play havoc with traffic patterns. Clearly, this is a serious question so you can understand why DreamWorks SKG decided to make a movie addressing this pressing issue. And it needed to star a Panda, voiced by Jack Black, but that’s just intuitively obvious. Sure, the plot of the movie doesn’t EXPLICITLY address if everyone was in fact Kung Fu Fighting, but I feel the subtext is pretty clear. If Mike ever stops pointing at me and laughing, I’m sure he’ll agree as well. Give a listen and see if that in fact happens.

Poll question: who is your favorite animated character?

2 thoughts on “Episode 254 – Kung Fu Panda (2008)”

  1. I had no idea there were knock offs of this movie so I’m curious to see what you found!

    Pinochio was always my favourite animated character but it might actually be Malificent in the original Sleeping beauty. She tries to kill a baby because she wasn’t invited to party! Plus she has an awesome castle and turns into a more awesome dragon. Of course they had to ruin her by “explaining” her badness in the live film.

    1. Her badges is only explained if you actually watch that movie, something I have managed not to do. I’m generally not in favor of backpedaling characters so we can learn about their daddy issues. They’re never interesting. The mystery is always better. Thanks, Vince-Snowy! Hope the penguins aren’t keeping you up late!

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