Episode 253 – Mac and Me (1988)

Mac and Cheese. Mac and PC. Mac and Me. It’s an almost inevitable progression, isn’t it? A beloved taste treat, a primal struggle between titans, and . . . this movie we’re using for this week’s entry in “…But An Incredible Simulation.” I’m sure you don’t need me to point out the obvious connection between these three cultural phenomena . . . which is good, because I’m not gonna do it! Instead, I’m going to point out that this 1988 iconic cinematic gem bears only the very slightest resemblance to any movie we may have discussed last week. But, the cynical masses cry out, surely “Mac and Me” is just an obvious rip-off of the beloved classic “E.T.”! Is it, I bravely reply? Is it really? Then answer me this, o cynical masses: does “E.T” have even ONE SCENE shot in a McDonald’s training facility? Why no, it does not! Rather telling, no? And, remind me, how much break-dancing does “E.T.” contain? What’s that? None at all? And how many appearances does Ronald McDonald himself make in “E.T.”, would you mind telling me? Precisely zero, that’s right! Well, I think effectively countered any accusations of similarities between this movie and anything that hack Spellbug, or whatever his name is, may or may not have come out with previously. Case closed and I’m climbing out the window before anyone can even think about disputing me, but before I plummet to my doom, give a listen and see how if Mike agrees with my brilliantly cogent argument!

Poll question: what movie has the most egregious product placement, the kind that just took you right out of the movie?

4 thoughts on “Episode 253 – Mac and Me (1988)”

  1. I notice product placement a lot but normally can jump back in the film but Man of Steel I remember being really annoyed by it, maybe because there were so many things to be annoyed by in this movie. My best friend, penguins wrangler, walrus rider and curling champion Kevin Kline also feels the same.

  2. Interesting choice, Vince! And just, you know, to make sure the readers have all the facts, you know perfectly well that the only reason MISTER Kline took the 2019 championship is because he CLEARLY used the JS-13388 ice broom, an UNSANCTIONED broom at the time. I don’t care if the Canadian Curling Council gave it an after-the-fact approval, he was obviously BIG STINKY CHEATER and eventually one of the 472 official complaints that I’ve filed will be recognized and I will have justice and the Council will stop taking restraining orders out against me and lift the ban on my ever entering Canada. In the meantime, I wish Mr. Kline well and I certainly don’t hope that he be devoured by a particularly savage flock of penguins, due to him wearing the herring-scented cologne that someone may or may not have sent him.

    1. Well now he is crying, I hope you are happy! Come her Mr Kline have another sardine, it will make you feel better about that American MEANY! (who somehow know quite a bit about curling…)

      1. Quick! Capture his tears in a crystal vial and send them to me! I’ll pay you 50 penguin pelts for them! I’m starting a . . . collection. [insert maniacal laugh]

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