Episode 255 – Chop Kick Panda (2011)

Last week’s movie raised the question “Was everybody Kung Fu Fighting?” Well, this week, a 2011 . . . tribute/homage/why-god-why film mumbles the question “Yeah, and was everybody Tae Kwan Do fighting, too? I mean, they might have been! I guess . . .” Like the DreamWorks film, this movie(?) features a Panda and martial arts. But where “Kung Fu Panda” leans on the crutch of beautiful animation, great voice acting, and a surprisingly effective message, “Chop Kick Panda” dispenses with all that flummery and in its stead offers us pop-culture references, fart jokes and brevity. Yes, whatever else there is to say about this cinematic bolus, it does us the favor of not being too long. Or very long. Or long at all. In fact, quite literally, the runtime of this week’s podcast is longer than the runtime of the movie. Is this a good thing? Did “Chop Kick Panda” leave us crying for more . . . or just crying? Give a listen and find out.

Poll question: who is your favorite martial arts star and do you have a favorite of their films?

2 thoughts on “Episode 255 – Chop Kick Panda (2011)”

  1. Michelle Yeoh all the way. Any movie she is in is my favourite movie with her in it though I loved the parody martial arts in “Everything Everywhere All at Once”. I think I first saw her at a theatre in Chinatown in 1985-85 in “the Owl VS Bombo”. I can’t sure but I loved her the moment I saw her on screen!

    1. Michelle is a treasure, that’s for sure! But…’Bombo?’ What the heck is a Bombo? Sounds like one of Bumpy’s lesser cousins. Thanks, Vince!

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