Episode 207 – Widows (2018)

Widows. A tragic word. There are so many kinds of widows. Black widows. Grass widows. Golf widows. But this week we’re interested only in movies called “Widows” starring Viola Davis. Yes, we are nothing if not highly specific here at Max, Mike; Movies as we continue with our highly specific series “Focus On – Viola Davis.” And this week, highly specifically, we’ve got Ms. Davis in an actual lead role (‘bout bloody time)! With no wig, no body suit, just all Davis, all the time and that’s what we crave. Be warned: this is a heist movie (in part) but it’s no light-hearted quip-heavy “Ocean’s 11” sort of thing. It’s tough, unflinching, and gritty . . . just like Mike and me. We’ve seen it all and we’ve got nothing but lumps of old iron where our hearts ought to be and BAAAASSSHH! WHY? WHY DID BASH HAVE TO {collapses sobbing}. ‘scuse me, I need a weighted blanket and an emotional support possum . . .

Poll question: is there a movie that’s ever made you want to get INTO show business, whether it be acting, directing or some other aspect?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 207 – Widows (2018)”

  1. This might pretty standard but I saw King Kong and wanted to do special effects and animation… which I have done for work over the years. Ray Harryhausen was even a larger source of inspiration but he wasn’t the first. I have the original book on special effects I bought and used to subscribe to Cinefex magazine to learn things to try with my super 8 film camera.

    1. That’s not standard at all, at least not compared to the other answers we got. “King Kong” launched a LOT of careers, I think. I, too loved Cinefex and Cinefantastique. I used to read tons of SFX articles and books. Maybe I thought I’d be a filmmaker one day. I did go to film school, so I totally get it. Thanks, Vince!

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