Episode 205 – The Help (2011)

Well, we’ve been focusing on specific actors for the last couple of series . . . so we’re going to do it again! It’s so predictable, they’ll never expect it! This time we’re focusing on the multiple Oscar-nominated performer Viola Davis (who is NOT, I just found out, the inventor of the stringed instrument of the same name. I thought I’d better mention that as there’s no way I’m the only person who thought that, no matter what Mike keeps screaming at me). Ms. Davis is a remarkable actor with range, subtlety and class . . . which gives her nothing at all in common with Mike and me but we’re going to talk about her anyway. We’re starting off with a film that garnered her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress, Tate Taylor’s “The Help,” based on the novel by Kathryn Stockett. This movie has an amazing cast. Yup, great cast, and not just Viola Davis. Very nice pacing, too. The story? Um . . . did I mention how great the cast is? This movie is . . . difficult. What do I mean by that? Well, what do I EVER mean? Give a listen and find out in this instance.

Poll question: was there ever a film that you left at the end feeling angry and what about it made you angry?

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3 thoughts on “Episode 205 – The Help (2011)”

  1. Wow, I have avoided seeing this movie because I suspected it was all the things you mentioned. If I had seen it, it would have been the answer to your poll question this week!

    I’l avoid films that are supposed to make you mad and instead mention a few that were not supposed to have that effect. Titanic, when she shows that gem into the ocean I wanted to strangle her… don’t her grandkids need money, couldn’t some charities use that to fund themselves? BOTH Wonder woman movies, the first was so awesome then they threw ii away with a CGI soulless bottle and the second…OMG it was so dumb I couldn’t stop yelling at the screen. Prometheus had me mad from the opening shot… “chariots of the gods” is not a science text book! Avatar, another white saviour story with the added benefit of “Unobtanium”. There are more of course but I’ll take a drink and calm down now.

  2. I don’t think that my first comment attempt worked.
    I am glad I didn’t see this film, for the reasons you gave because it would have been an answer to this week’s poll question.

    Movies that made me angry? “I spit on your grave” I really hated it 80 minutes of rape for 10 minutes of revenge, disgusting. I was also angry at BOTH Wonder Woman movies. The first was so awesome until the CGI battle at the end robbed it of meaning and the second was just so awful I just more mad as it went along. Avatar was such a white savour story it pissed me off and Prometheus managed to get me mad with the first scene and kept going!

  3. Thanks for the great answers, Vince! You and I share a hatred for both “Avatar” and “Prometheus.” Weird that they’re the same director. I also didn’t like WW84, but for me, it wasn’t so much anger as disappointment and boredom. It’s sad that this week’s movie, with all its talent, ended up being what it was. Especially in 2011. Very much appreciate your listening and commenting!

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