Episode 170: The Fugitive (1993)

Max and Mike, accused of a crime they didn’t commit: the murder of an innocent podcast.  Seen fleeing the scene was a mysterious one-legged pony (seen not so much fleeing as hopping away in a very suspicious manner).  Now Max and Mike must travel the country, seeking out this pony to clear their names, pursued relentlessly by no one at all as no one has really noticed.  Yes, this week we’re blathering on about the 1993 adaptation of the classic 60’s tv thriller starring David Janssen, the show everyone remembers but nobody has watched for years.  Taking over for Mr. Janssen and Barry Morse (the intrepid marshal pursuing him) are the chiseled Harrison Ford and the grizzled Tommy Lee Jones (whom I suspect was born grizzled).  Does this tense, drawn out suspense show work as a tight action-filled thriller? Did Mr. Jones really deserve the Oscar he won for this film? And most importantly: which “Babylon Five” actor shows up as a major character in this movie? That’s what the people want to know and by gum, that’s what we’re going to tell you! Give a listen, right after we deliver this evil pony to justice! Or perhaps a glue factory. Move it, Bumpy! “Whinny!” “I don’t care!”

Poll question: what historical inaccuracy in a movie, whether it’s narrative, costume-based, technological, or other, really hacks you off every time you see it?

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5 thoughts on “Episode 170: The Fugitive (1993)”

  1. Huh, didn’t know that Matthew Lillard was in The Fugitive . . . anyways, my most watched movie would have to be The Matrix, which I have seen at least fourteen times, and as a matter of fact most of these viewings happened within a single year. For some inexplicable reason when I was thirteen or so, every guy I knew threw a movie night for their birthday and every single time he’d be someone who hadn’t seen The Matrix. Inevitably he’d have heard about it, and just as inevitably he’d insist we put it on. You may think this is some bizarre fever dream and that this is statistically impossible, but my good buddy Eric was at almost all of these events too and can corroborate my story. He’s just as baffled as I am. (I actually like the movie, but I don’t think I like many movies that much.)

  2. Ummm . . . zoinks? Well, you caught the very intentional, deliberate, I-meant-to-do-that error with the graphic. Well done! Pick anything you like from the Bumphut catalog as your prize!
    Seriously, your Matrix experience is strange and you should feel strange! Every birthday party . . . yikes.

  3. Pocahontas really pissed me off, she was 10 or 11 not an adult, was basically kidnapped, forced to change her religion to Christianity, married off to some guy other than Smith and died at 21-22…not to mention the peace she allegedly brokered led to disease infected blankets used for genocide. It’s too serious a historical story to turn into a romantic Disney fantasy, IMO. I saw the film “the messenger” about Joan of arc while researching for a play about here with a friend who had done tons of research into her life and the film was so far off, terrible and dull, one friend stood up bout 30 minutes in, lit his lighter and told the rest of the people in the theatre- “if we burn her now, we can stop watching this movie! “

    1. Good call, Vince. That particular story has been so romanticized I don’t think any of the actual story remains. As for “The Messenger,” haven’t seen it. Wasn’t that the one with Milla Jovovovovovich? Yah, wouldn’t expect much accuracy in that. Thanks for the comment! Have a billion BumpyBux!

      1. I think that was the one! Every other charter but her was filthy with rotten teeth. Somehow Joan had excellent dental care.

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