Episode 169: Masters of the Universe (1987)

Welcome, young listeners! Today’s lesson is that it’s nice to be nice! Isn’t that nice? Now watch us blow things up but somehow not actually hurt anyone! Hurrah! Lashings of ginger beer for everyone! So this week’s episode of “I Made From TV Love You!” is about a movie based on delightful 80’s children’s cartoon: “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe,” a show that taught us the values of friendship, teamwork, and obscenely over-developed thigh muscles (and chest muscles, arm muscles . . . pretty much all of them).  What few of you may know is that this tv series was actually based on a series of toys! I know! I was shocked too! It was certainly not based in any way on Conan the Barbarian ha ha what a silly thing to suggest.  Anyway, shortly after the poorly-animated TV show ended, the combined, staggering genius of Mattel and Golan-Globus decided that hey, 130 episodes just wasn’t enough of this gem: we need a live-action movie! And from this, we were given “Masters of the Universe,” starring the massively-thewed Dolph Lundgren and the inexplicably present Frank Langella.  Is the movie live? Does it have action? Find out! Because knowing is half the battle! . . .  hang on, that’s not the right one. . . because this movie is more than meets the eye! . . . no, no, dang it, that’s not right either . . .well, listen in and find out if we ever figure this out.

Poll question: what is the movie you’ve seen the greatest number of times, and how many times would that be? And by “seen,” we mean “watched all the way through,” not just glanced at a scene when you were channel flipping or had on in the background.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 169: Masters of the Universe (1987)”

  1. Not even Dolph dressed for a pride parade saved this movie. I heave never been able to get through it in a single sitting!

    I saw Star Wars well over 100 times in the cinema, I admit it! I would sit through 2 or 3 showings so I could see it more than my friend Lisa across the street could. Metropolis might be a close second though as I watch it at least two times a year still.

    1. I’ve sat through it a few times and it gets duller every time. Star Wars…I honestly don’t know how many times I’ve seen it. When I was 12, it was still in the second run theaters that summer and whenever we were bored, we’d just go again. And of course there’s been VHS, DVD, TV and whatever since then. Thanks for the cool answer, Vince!

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