Episode 122: Notting Hill (1999)

Ah, “Notting Hill” . . . the sweet, coming-of-age story of a boy scout earning his merit badge in Knot-Tying-Specifically-Done-On-The-Side-Of-A-Hill, one of the rarest merit badges is all scoutdom.  Naturally, they had to drop the “K” in the American version of the film due to censorship and you’re not buying even a word of this, are you.  All right, fine, this end-of-the-nineties rom-com brings together the box office powerhouse that is Julia Roberts with Mickey Blue-eyes himself, Hugh Grant in a story of lovers from two different worlds (middle-class London and the third moon of Jupiter, I think), surrounded by quirky characters and starring a fabulous soundtrack.  Ok, maybe not “starring” but the soundtrack has some really good songs on it.  Can these two crazy kids struggle through the vicissitudes of fame, the fear of vulnerability, an adorably annoying Welshman, and Alec Baldwin so that love will conquer all? It’s a Hollywood romantic comedy: take a wild guess.  But it’s the journey not the destination, so give a listen as we go on our chatty journey, won’t you? Can we get you some tea? Perhaps a Chagall?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 122: Notting Hill (1999)”

  1. Having worked for famous people for many years, I could tell you stories (if not for the NDAs). I will say this: those Enquirer stories are sometimes (often?) leaked to them by the stars themselves . Not saying which star admitted that to me… I will also say that quite a few of them are very nice people. Among the ones I’ve met who I CAN mention are Leonard Nimoy, Cameron Diaz, Patton Oswalt, Farrah Fawcett, Jeff Goldblum, Lily Tomlin, Michael McKean, Nikki Sixx. Come to Hollywood – you can trip on a bunch yourself.

    1. I imagine your stories could fill a book, if not for the NDAs. They are people, too of course, just people a lot of other people think they already know. Fame is an empty purse. Count it and go broke. Eat it and go hungry. Seek it and go mad. Thanks, Val!

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