Episode 154: Teahouse of the August Moon (1956)

Well it’s been a long, awkward trip but we’ve arrived at the end of our journey through “Whitewashing,” watching Hollywood repeatedly embarrass itself, and us by casting white actors as non-white characters.  And we close with a doozy, the winner of the coveted Golden Turkey Award for “Most Racially Insensitive Portrayal By A White Person Of a Non-White Person, I Mean, Just Wow, What Were You Thinking?” I’m pretty sure that’s the award, and it went to the legendary Marlon Brando playing an Okinawan man in this Wacky Post-World-War-Two Comedy.  Yes.  A white guy playing an Okinawan guy in post-war Japan.  This has winner written all over it.  But really, how bad could it be? The play this movie was based on not only won a Tony but it also won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama! No, I’m not making that up! And it’s starring one of this country’s greatest actors! A myth! A legend! Of course I’m talking about Eddie Albert.  Oh, yeah, and Marlon Brando and Glenn Ford and stuff.  How bad could it be? How bad? How bad . . . how . . . bad.  Give a listen and find out.

Poll question: what movie have you seen that you thought poignant, beautiful, sad or intense that you never need or want to see again?

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2 thoughts on “Episode 154: Teahouse of the August Moon (1956)”

  1. Interesting question! The first film that comes to mind is Woody Allen’s Interiors. I wanted to slit my wrists after that one. Do not want to see it again ever. Another one is Howard’s End. I don’t think there’s enough left of my personal time line to sit through that again, though it was beautiful to look at.

    My assistant, Stephen, said Passion of the Christ.

    1. Wow, lots of good answers! Thanks, Val! Howard never seemed to end for me. All very British, very pretty and as dull as doilies. Haven’t seen “Interiors,” but I’m not much of an Allen fan. “Passion of the Christ” was a…trial. BumpyBux galore!

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